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Cougar Points

Cougar points is a new program from the College & Career Center that encourages students to engage in SLVHS' College & Career events and programs.
How Cougar Points are Earned
Throughout the year, events and programs will be promoted where points can be earned. These will be promoted through email, the daily bulletin and on posters around campus.
What do I do with these Points?
Points will be counted by the College & Career Center and in the Spring there will be a Cougar Marketplace open during Lunch where students can spend their points on a variety of items.
Ways to Earn Points
Beyond events and programs, here are some general ways to earn points:

  • Turn in a resume to Charlotte (30 points - once per year)
    • Click here for an example of a resume and if you don't have a lot to add yet, an activity log of what you've done so far is just fine.

  • Earn Get Schooled Badges (10 points per badge)
    • Visit the Get Schooled website to create an account
    • Badges are earned through watching college & career themed videos
    • Send Charlotte ( a list of which badges you have completed.
      • The Fall Attendance Badge is worth 20 points!
  • Interact with University Representatives(10 points each)
    • Visits will be announced in the bulletin.
    • RSVP through Naviance and earn DOUBLE the points (20)!
      • Click here to access Naviance and log in.
      • On the main page you will see a section called "Whats New" this is where you will see all the scheduled University Visits.
      • Click on "more info" on the visits you are interested in and this will take you to a page where on the top right corner there will be an option to "Register".
      • On the day of the visit you will receive a pass to the counseling office to see the representative or if they are visiting at Lunch, just come to the cougar lawn and meet with them!
    • For all visits, An activity sheet will be on the representatives table and once completed, can be turned into Charlotte in the Counseling office.

  • Watch CareerOnestop -  Career Exploration Videos and Complete Activity (15 Points each)
    • CareerOnestop showcases a variety of careers and have tools to match your interests to videos of individuals in specific careers.
    • Click here for the Career Exploration Videos
    • After watching a video, send an email to Charlotte (  with the following information:
      • Subject Line: CareerOnestop Video
      • Include in the body of the email the title of the video, name of the individual you watched and at least three things you learned from the video and how you can apply any skills or tips learned to your own life.

  • Attend College & Career Events!
    • Listen to the Bulletin and Check your email for these opportunities :)