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Cougar Points

Cougar points is a program from the College & Career Center that encourages students to engage in SLVHS' College & Career events and programs.
How Cougar Points are Earned
Throughout the year, events and programs will be promoted where points can be earned. These will be promoted through email, the daily bulletin and on posters around campus.
What do I do with these Points?
Every 50 points you earn will get you a Ticket that can be turned in on a Cougar Wednesday to spin the wheel to win a College & Career prize! Listen in the Bulletin and through email on when the next Cougar Wednesday will be.
Ways to Earn Points
Beyond events and programs, here are some general ways to earn points:

  • Attend SLVHS College & Career Events
    • Listen to the Bulletin and Check / Read your school email for these opportunities :)
  • Turn in a Resume (20 points - once per year)
    • Click here for an example of a resume and if you don't have a lot to add yet, an activity log of what you've done so far is just fine.
    • Resumes can be emailed / shared with Charlotte ([email protected])

  • Interact with University Representatives(10 points each)
    • Visits will be announced in the bulletin.
    • The Full Calendar of Visits can be Found here
    • RSVP by emailing Charlotte ([email protected]) or by coming to the Counseling Office
  • Participate in an Online College Events (10 points each)
    • There are many different online events going on for Colleges. If you attend a virtual presentation, College Fair, etc. and tell us about it (1-2 Paragraphs), you'll earn 10 Cougar Points each!
    • Resources:
      • NACAC College Fairs
      • The College Tour Videos
      • Big Future College Search
      • College's and Universities are constantly holding virtual events, google them to see their offerings or ask Charlotte in the Counseling Office for help if you can't find them.
      • After completing an activity, send an email to Charlotte ([email protected]  with the following information:
        • Subject Line: Online College Activity Video
        • Include in the body of the email what online activity you did,  and at least three things you learned.
  • Watch CareerOnestop -  Career Exploration Videos and Complete Activity (10 Points each)
    • CareerOnestop showcases a variety of careers and have tools to match your interests to videos of individuals in specific careers.
    • Click here for the Career Exploration Videos
    • After watching a short video, send an email to Charlotte ([email protected])  with the following information:
      • Subject Line: CareerOnestop Video
      • Include in the body of the email the title of the video, name of the individual you watched and at least three things you learned from the video and how you can apply any skills or tips learned to your own life.