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Alt Ed

The Alt Ed classes at SLV are designed for students who may need an alternative pathway to a high school diploma.  This academy is part of the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, housed on the SLV High School Campus, and allows students enrolled in the program the option to still be involved in our extracurricular activities and certain SLV High courses while fulfilling their academic responsibilities in a smaller, more individualized program.

Students enrolled in this academy work with one teacher in a class of 15-20 students on their academic subjects, have the option to take credit recovery as an elective if needed, as well as being able to complete PE and elective credit on or off the SLV High School campus. Students still need to earn 230 credits to receive a San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District diploma but will earn those credits in a more modified and individualized program. Students who do earn a diploma will be able participate in the SLV High School Graduation Ceremony and Grad Night. The academy meets from 7:55 am to 12:10 pm, with options for PE, elective, credit recovery, online and off-campus courses, and work experience after lunch.


Teachers, counselors, and school administration have been meeting with students and families who may benefit from this new program about possible enrollment.  For more information, please contact Jeff Calden, Leslie Burns, or Jennifer Kelly at 335-4425.