Cougar Mail 2-22-19

Principal’s Message

from Jeff Calden


common sense media

This link is to a page on Common Sense Media that addresses frequently asked questions regarding parent concerns with all aspects of our kids being online. Social media, screen time, cyberbullying, internet safety, cells phones, etc. Some of the articles skew younger than high school, but many of the links to articles are about high-school-age students or have an option to choose which age group you are asking about.  This page links to literally hundreds of articles about many different topics in the area of parenting teens in the digital age.  Definitely worth a look.



sex education

Sex Education for SLVHS Freshmen Begins on Monday, March 18

We are pleased to inform you that your child will have the opportunity to participate in the Teen Talk High School course in their Physical Education class beginning on Monday March 18, 2019. Teen Talk High School is a comprehensive sexuality education program developed by trained professionals at Health Connected (

Teen Talk High School is designed to provide an open forum for teenagers to ask questions and get medically-based, unbiased, and accurate information. Teen Talk High School complies with California Education Codes 51930-51939 (California Healthy Youth Act of 2015) and meets the California Health Education Content Standards under “Growth, Development and Sexual Health.”

Teen Talk High School covers the following topics:

  • Values Clarification
  • Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy
  • Abstinence/Not Having Sex


  • Healthy Relationships
  • Birth Control, including a condom demonstration
  • Pregnancy Options
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV
  • Sexual Safety, Consent, and the Law
  • Sexual Identity & Gender
  • Sex in the Media
  • Communication and Decision-Making

A pre/post-assessment will be administered at the beginning and end of the course. The assessment covers sexual health knowledge that will be covered during the course as well as questions about student comfort and confidence in communicating about sexual health topics with peers, partners, and trusted adults. You can examine instructional materials, including assessments, at the school office. If you have questions, please see your child’s teacher or principal. State law allows you to remove your student from any portion of a comprehensive sexual health education course.

If you do not want your student to participate in this sexual health course, please give a note to your student’s Physical Education teacher by Friday, March 15, 2019. The goal of a comprehensive sexual health education program is to help students learn the facts and to make good decisions now, and later in life.  


weekly schedule

Schedule for the Week of February 25 - March 1


February 25


Early Release A Day - Dismissal at 2:01 

Sophomore SJSU Field Trip #1


February 26


NAMI Mental Health Presentations in 10th grade SS

Music Boosters Mtg - 7:00 pm  


February 27


NAMI Mental Health Presentations in 10th grade SS   

SLVHS Blood Drive 8 am - 3 pm


February 28



March 1


prom dress drive!!!

Prom Dress Donation Drive

SLVHS is seeking donations of prom dresses for our Prom Dress Donation Drive. During the week of March 4 students will able to come to the ASB room at lunch to look for a dress for prom.   If you have prom dress(es) to donate, please bring them to the SLVHS counseling office any time before March 4. Dresses need to please be in good condition and cleaned. Please contact Claire Hackett at with any questions.  


school lunch

SLV High School Cafeteria Survey

Students - Our cafeteria staff is looking for feedback and suggestions from students on what you would food you would like to see in the cafeteria.

If you would like to have a say in what kind of food is available, please click on the link and fill out the following survey.

It takes about 2 or 3 minutes to complete.  

Survey Link    



cougar parents club

Volunteers Needed for Two Upcoming Cougar Club Events for Students


On March 5th the Cougar Club will be sponsoring a lunchtime workshop on job interviewing tips for SLVHS students. Students can sign up with Charlotte Achen. Students who attend the workshop will be given the opportunity to sign up for a mock interview on Thursday, March 14 between 3:30 and 5:30 pm. We are looking for a few more parent volunteers with experience interviewing people for jobs to interview students and give them feedback. You can sign up here to be an interviewer for 1-2 hrs. Thanks to those who have already signed up.



Over 40 Colleges and Organizations will be visiting SLVHS on March 20th for College and Career day. We need help in welcoming our guests and with the fair itself for various various shifts going from 10:15 to 2 pm. Click here to Sign Up


every day counts

Attendance Matters!

Class attendance is an essential part of the educational process at San Lorenzo Valley High School. A student who is absent from class misses a significant portion of academic discussion and personal interaction with other students and the teacher. Illnesses are unavoidable, but appointments, vacations and day trips during school should be avoided. As the first semester ends and we start fresh with semester two, please take a look at school attendance policies that need to be followed.  Thanks.

California Education Code recognizes only the following reasons as excused absences: personal illness; religious holidays; medical or dental services; serious family emergencies; and/or school suspension. All other absences will be recorded as unexcused.

To clear an absence, call the Attendance Line at 335-3646

Please leave the following information when you call:

  • First and last name of the student
  • Date and period of the absence(s)
  • The specific reason for the absence
  • Phone number where the parent can be reached

Failure to clear absences will result in consequences including detention, loss of privileges (dances, sports contests) and possible truancy actions.



academic support

Teacher Support for Students After School and Lunch 

The Departments at SLVHS work to support students who are struggling and/or need to makeup work.

Teachers will assign students to get support for success.  Students may also drop in for help.

Please help us to support your child's academic success by having them attend when assigned.


The link to the schedule is below:

Department Academic Support Calendar



grad night

SLV Parents… We need your help.

Please help us fundraise for the 2019 Safe and Sober Grad Night Gala Event!

We are well into planning and need help with supporting the event.


Below you can find the ways in which you can help! Go to to buy your tickets  and let us know if you have any questions!


Our Grad Night theme is held in secret until the end of year so don’t be swayed by “fake news.” We assure you the senior class of 2019 will have an amazing time!  Our committee works hard to make this event the best ever and we need your help. To Volunteer, go to over the next few months to sign up, donate or to find out more about how you can help!   



Dine out Feb 26th at Empire Grille from 4-9 pm!

dine out: empire grille


wild roots market

Community Days!


Please plan to shop at Wild Roots Market (Boulder Creek and Felton locations) on Tuesday, April 16. The market has generously agreed to donate 5% of the day's sales to Grad Night 2019. This is a great, no-cost way to support our effort to provide a safe, sober, and awesome party for our graduating seniors before they begin their college journeys!

We are so very proud to present the final details of SLVs Wine and Chocolate Auction Event!

Come experience an afternoon of food, friends, wine, chocolate,  beer, cocoa, cider and an amazing local musician. You don’t want to miss this spectacular event! March 2nd 2019 from 12-4 at Scopazzi’s in Boulder Creek. $20 at the door.

wine & chocolate auction

board briefing 2-6-19



california school dashboard

California School Dashboard

The California School Dashboard is an online tool designed to help communities across the state access information about K–12 schools and districts. The Dashboard features reports on multiple measures of school success. Instead of looking at a single measure (test scores), the Dashboard looks at multiple measures to evaluate a district's and a school's performance. The Dashboard also is based on an improvement model, looking for districts and schools to make improvements, rather than simply comparing them to other districts and schools. You can access SLV district information and information about all schools in the district at this link:



scent free zone

This is a reminder that San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District policy, as set by the Board of Trustees, declares that we are a fragrant-neutral district. As we begin to have our drama performances and other site-based activities and meetings, please take care to follow the policies below for the sake of the students and members of our community who are highly allergic to fragrances and scents.

The SLVUSD Board of Trustees adopted a California School Board Association policy to make all district classrooms and offices fragrant neutral. SLVHS has parents, students, and community members with respiratory issues who can have negative reactions to fragrances. Please take care to follow the policy while on campus.  

Staff and students shall refrain from bringing furred or feathered animals, stuffed toys that may collect dust mites, scented candles, incense or air fresheners and from using perfume or cologne, scented hair spray, nail polish or nail polish remover that are not fragrance-free in classrooms or other enclosed areas or buildings. 




Below are some helpful links and contact information for SLV High School students and parents:



7105 Hwy 9, Felton, CA 95018

Phone: (831) 335-4425

Fax: (831) 335-1531

Attendance Line: (831) 335-3646


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Congratulations to our SLV High School Student of the Week

student of the week: julia poetzinger

words of wisdom

 everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always