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Cabrillo Running Start 23-24

As a Senior, if you intend on attending Cabrillo in the Fall or have it as a backup, you should complete the following steps to qualify for priority Enrollment, you'll also hear this be called Running Start.
Please try to complete these steps early so that you can get on the Priority Enrollment / Running Start list.
Click on each of the steps for more information and links on how to complete.
Application will Open October 1st
First you need to create a CCC account and Register for Cabrillo for Summer & Fall by going here
  • There are two applications, one for creating your CCC Account and right after you'll be taken to a page to register for Cabrillo College. 
  • Important:
    • Please be sure to indicate that you will be a "First Time Student in College (After Leaving High School) " and that you put your school as San Lorenzo Valley High School.
    • Also, use your personal email, not your school one.
    • Read any emails from Cabrillo. If there is an issue with your application, they will email you with information.
After you submit your registration application, it will take 2-3 days for Cabrillo to email you with your Student ID #. Once you have this ID, you can proceed to the next Steps.
In order to qualify for Priority Registration, you need to have at least one class planned for the Fall 
  • Click Here to get to your MyCabrillo Portal
    • Note: Your Log in will be the same as when you accessed the E-Forms.

  • Once you are in the MyCabrillo Portal:
    • On the Left-hand side, click Academic Planning and then click Student Planning
    • Now Select "Plan your Degree & Register for Classes" 
    • You will now be on a calendar-like page, this is where you can see any classes you have planned and eventually this is where you will go register for your classes.
    • At the top of the page will be a search bar, you can search for any class here or subject. On the results page there will be a filter tool on the left-hand side to narrow your results.
  • Plan a Course
    • As all incoming Cabrillo students are required to take CG-51 in the Fall, in the search bar type in CG-51
    • Now on the results page, you will see the CG-51 class on the top right corner you will see a button "Plan this Course" click this and a window will pop up. For term, select "Fall 2024" and then select Plan this Course.
    • To return to the Planning Page, at the top-left corner you will see a link called "Back to Plan & Register"
    • To check to make sure this course got planned, first be sure you are seeing the Fall 2023 term, click the arrows next to the term till you reach Fall 2024. Now you should see next to the calendar the CG-51 course listed.
      • Important: The class is now planned, later in the Spring you will actually choose the class day, time, etc.

If you are having trouble, view these slides with a visual on how to plan for your classes.
If you have any questions, please contact Charlotte Achen at [email protected] 
The following is an optional step, but highly encouraged as it will mean your first year at Cabrillo will be tuition free.
Cabrillo College offers the first (and possibly second) year tuition-free, here are the two things you need to do:
  • Step One: Complete your 2024-25 FAFSA
    • Click Here for the Full FAFSA Guide
    • Be sure you have Cabrillo College listed as one of the schools.
    • Do this early so that you are considered for maximum aid consideration