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College Admissions Requirements

Community College
  • Entrance Requirement: Age 18 OR high school diploma OR California Certificate of Proficiency
  • Three types of programs are offered:
    • Job preparation through occupational courses which may lead to a degree and/or a Certificate of Achievement
    • Completion of Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degrees.
    • University transfer courses leading to BA from a 4 year college. (for UC transferable classes)
Private Colleges & Universities
  • Entrance requirements & expenses vary (check in the Career Center or on the Internet)
  • Test Required: SAT I or ACT and possibly SAT Subject Tests
California State Universities & University of California
  • Entrance Requirements: SAT I or ACT Exam
  • Completion of the following courses in high school:
Minimum grades of “C” or higher are required in a class to fulfill these requirements. Higher grades strongly recommended.

Maximum of 8 extra grade points awarded for approved honors, AP, and transferable community courses. No more than 2 yearlong courses taken in 10th grade can earn honors points.