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Physical Education

The San Lorenzo Valley High School Physical Education classes are designed to help each student acquire the knowledge and skills that serve as the foundation for engaging in lifelong physical activity. Our mission is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity that will help them to lead a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.  


The San Lorenzo Valley High School Physical Education curriculum is a sequential educational program based on physical activities undertaken in an active, caring, supportive and nonthreatening atmosphere.


Courses 0ffered to satisfy the 20 credit graduation requirements:


PE 1 - All SLVHS students take PE 1 their first year of high school. The course focuses on fitness, team sports and preparation for the required California Physical Fitness Test. The California Physical Fitness test is administered during PE 1 towards the end of the school year.


PE 2 – This course builds upon the fitness concepts taught in PE 1 with an emphasis on development of a personalized fitness plan and nutritional awareness. Individual and less traditional sports/activities are emphasized. 


Sports PE – Students that earned a B or better in each semester of PE 1, passed 4 of the 6 California Physical Fitness Testing domains and have at least one year of competition on SLVHS inter-scholastic sports teams may take Sports PE in lieu of PE 2. While in season, Sports PE students earn credit for participation in inter-scholastic sports. While out of season, students in Sports PE must attend AFTER SCHOOL workouts that are tailored to keep them conditioned for their sport.