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The SLVHS Science Department offers a variety of challenging courses in many scientific disciplines to try to meet the needs and interests of our students.  The Science Department approaches science in a collaborative manner in all aspects – from curriculum planning to the implementation of hands-on, daily lessons.   Each class uses a variety of teaching strategies including technology‐based laboratory experiments, demonstrations, field work, field trips, visual lecture aids and discussion.

The SLVHS graduation requirement for all students in the successful completion of one year of a Biological Science, one year of Physical Science and a third year of an elective science.  The SLVHS Science Department offers four advanced courses, AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, Environmental Monitoring Projects, and AP Physics, which allow students to continue their explorations of science at a deeper and more challenging level.

The minimum amount of science required by the UC and CSU systems are two years of lab‐based science (d‐level).   The SLVHS Science Department recommends that any student with an interest in pursuing a science or math related field in college take as many science courses as possible while at SLVHS.

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The courses offered by the science department include the following (note: not all courses offered every year):

  • Earth Science UC “g” lab course
  • Life Science
  • Bio UC “d” lab course
  • Oceanography UC “g” lab course
  • Chemistry UC “d” lab course
  • Physics UC “d” lab course
  • AP Phys UC “d” lab course
  • Aqua 2 UC “g” lab course
  • AP Environmental Science UC “d” lab course
  • Environmental Monitoring Projects
  • AP Bio UC “d” lab course
  • Engineering Design UC “d” lab course
  • Green Engineering UC “d” lab course