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Mission Statement

The counseling staff’s mission is to help students match their skills, interest, and abilities with plans that meet their educational and future goals and to challenge students at as high a level as they can be successful while supporting ESLR achievement. We aim to serve as advocates for the students, allies for the teachers, and liaisons with the parents.

SLVHS Guidance & Counseling Program

The Guidance and Counseling Department at SLVHS has adopted the national Standards for School Counseling Standards. These standards focus on helping students achieve competencies through three areas of student development: academic, career, and personal/social. The mission of the guidance and counseling program is to promote and enhance student learning through these three areas by helping students match their skills & abilities, interests and knowledge, values and preferences with plans that meet students’ educational and future goals. Examples include the following:

ACADEMIC: The counseling staff guides students through a vast array of academic options with the aim of challenging students at as high a level as they can be successful.
  • Course planning: College prep, honors, AP (Advanced Placement), enrichment, & CTE Programs
  • College requirements: UC, CSU, CCC & private
  • Academic support (student & adult tutors; “study buddy”, family)
  • Honor Roll
  • Honors Clubs: CSF (California Scholarship Federation) & NHS (National Honor Society)
  • Academic Letter (Certificate, Pin, Letter)
  • Achieving standards & competencies:
  • STAR Tests
  • CAHSEE (High School Exit Exam)
  • College testing: SAT I, SAT II, ACT
  • Honors testing: AP (Advanced Placement)
PERSONAL/SOCIAL: The counseling department with staff serve as a gateway, providing access to a variety of options to involve students in school-related activities as well as providing assistance through trained adult and student support personnel.
  • Clubs and organizations (interests, service, honors)
  • Sports teams
  • Assemblies, rallies, Talent Show, lunch time activities
  • Individual counseling/counselor assessment
  • Youth Services (drug/alcohol/tobacco, crisis referrals)
  • Healthy Start (family, economic, referrals)
  • Peer helpers
  • Conflict resolution team
  • School psychologist
CAREER: The Counseling staff works with staff to promote career awareness and exploration through a variety of school-based and work-based activities.
  • Personality & career exploration assessments
  • CTE & elective classes
  • Career panels
  • Opportunities for internships/mentorships
  • Work experience
  • Pathways/transitions information
  • Post-secondary and career/life planning
Career Assessments

Ninth grade students learn about themselves, their preferences, personalities and strengths, and how these elements can be utilized in career selection. The True Colors survey completed in Health classes and SCANS and Learning Styles surveys are completed in the Career Center through the English class.

Tenth grade students use the Choices program, available on computers at school or through the internet. In addition, tenth graders learn about Multiple Intelligences as related to extracurricular interests, elective courses and career options.

Eleventh grade students also take the Keirsey Personality Temperament Sorter and relate results to career interests. Students receive Student Guides to help them and their parents plan for post-secondary options and they use Choices to match career goals with appropriate post-secondary placements. Many students participate in CTE classes and Work Experience.

Twelfth grad students complete and Emotional Intelligence survey and work on their Senior Exit Portfolio. Many students participate in CTE classes and Work Experience. The intention of the Pathways/Transition Program….

SLVHS School-to-Career Transitions/Pathways Program
9th grade True Colors SCANs Learning Styles 10th grade 6 Pathways survey Choices career exploration Multiple Intelligences
11th grade Career Panels Student Guides Choices college exploring Keirsey P. T. Sorter CTE classes/Internships


Work experience

12th grade Emotional Intelligence CTE classes/Internships Work
 experience Senior Exit Portfolios
9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
True Colors Recommended college and career sites Jr. Calendar Summer Tips
SCANs Soph. Check List Jr. Check List Sr. Calendar
Learning Styles Directions Only for Multiple Intelligences and Interest Profiler Career Panels Sr. Checklist
Freshman year checklist Multiple Intelligences CA College exploratorium College Career Readiness
9th Grade Course Request form Naviance Career Chart College Search Career Locker chart Websites
  Naviance Keirsey P.T. Sorter Emotional Intelligence
  California Career Zone CTE classes/Internships CTE classes/Internships
  Course Request Form Work experience Keeping your options open
  CTE 11th Grade Websites CSU & UC comparison matrix
  CTE On-campus & Off-campus courses College Admissions & enrollment requirements CSU & UC maps and campuses
  FAQ's on the PSAT/SATs & ACTs Community college map College Comparison
  15 Career Clusters State University system (CSU and CU) Worksheet
  Estimated College Costs Early Assessment Program (EAP) CSU EAP Math & English
  Recommended College/Career College Testing SAT/ACT FAQ practice test
  Planning Web sites SAT registration SAT registration
    ACT registration ACT registration
    Keeping your Options Open California Colleges
    Naviance UC/CSU application checklist
    Naviance college assignment Private Out of State application
      checklist and teacher recommendation form
      Cabrillo Timeline & Checklist
      Cabrillo Important things to do & know
      Prerequisite Clearance (exemptions to required assessments)
      Cabrillo Honors Transfer Program
      Class Schedule Planning sheet
      Senior Exit Portfolio

Today’s successful students and future employees must have many basic core skills and be adaptable to change. The job market requires that employees in the work environment continually learn new skills because technology is constantly changing and information is being made available at ever increasing rates. The traditional concept of an employee who works alone is being replaced with groups of people who work as teams. These teams are becoming self-supervised instead of being managed or headed by a supervisor. This change requires that the people who are members of these teams have self-discipline and excellent interpersonal skills. They need to be people who can work and communicate well with all types of people. Team players emphasize group achievement rather than individual achievement; yet, each individual of the team must have the skill to set goals, make the goals come alive to the other team members, work towards the goals and actually achieve the goals established by the team. As a result, the employee of tomorrow must be willing to work cooperatively in-groups while being self-motivated. The world of work is ever expanding and changing. The excitement of new opportunities and rewarding experiences is waiting for the skilled worker of tomorrow.

Why are core skills important for you, today’s high school student? To develop the skills necessary to be hired, you should choose classes that teach and provide practice in skills that are highly valued in the working world. All jobs require informational core skills, like the information provided in you English, math, science, and social science classes. In addition, these core classes can teach you the behavioral skills you need to be successful in the working world of tomorrow. The behavioral skills are initiative, creative problem solving, critical thinking, working in groups, planning and completing projects or assignments, and being able to express yourself and your ideas orally and in writing. In addition, these classes can help you develop attitudinal skills like motivation, persistence, dedication and high standards. Take advantage of the quality educational program offered at SLVHS to better prepare you for your future! San Lorenzo Valley High School offers a comprehensive curriculum in CORE Academics, English, Math, Science, Social Science, Physical Education and Health, Fine Arts and Career-Tech preparation.

AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES CAREER PATH (WATERSHED ACADEMY): Agriculture and Natural Resources are the primary industries of Northern California Farmers and supporting companies employ large numbers of workers in our area. Natural Resources, including the timber industry, fish and wildlife and recreational management, provide additional career opportunities. These workers manage our parks, forests, water collection systems, and sanctuaries. If you want to work outdoors, caring for the land and the life it nourishes; this is a career path you should explore.

ARTS & COMMUNICATION CAREER PATH (MEDIA ACADEMY): Those who want to creatively express themselves in order to entertain, to inform to challenge, and/or to inspire should explore this career path. The three principle avenues of communication within this path are the written, the visual, and the performing arts.

BUSINESS & MARKETING CAREER PATH: Business careers include a wide variety of occupations and professions from entry level clerical and secretarial jobs to the highest level administrative and managerial positions. Many careers are available in the area of accounting, business administration, finance, real estate, insurance, sales, merchandising, secretarial, and clerical skills. Some of these jobs involve making decisions and supervising the activities of employees, while other jobs provide support services and assistance to executives, administrators and managers. Careers exist in large, medium, and small companies. Small business entrepreneurs need employees with a wide range of business skills, financial assets and backing, business experience, and willingness to work long hours.

ENGINEERING & INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY CAREER PATH: People who work in engineering and industrial technology careers are interested in design, construction and/or repair. Areas of application can be: airplanes, roads, electrical power systems, automobiles, computers, harbors, homes, steel mills, trains, sewage treatment systems, dams, tunnels, industrial machinery.

HOME HEALTH & RECREATION CAREER PATH: The home, health and recreation career clusters are among the largest in our economy. Home careers focuses on helping people improve their everyday life skills. People in health care help others achieve physical, mental, and emotional well being. Those working in recreation help people refresh themselves through exercise, entertainment, play and use of leisure time.

SOCIAL, HUMAN & GOVERNMENTAL SERVICE CAREER PATH: People, who choose this career path, work to inform, represent, protect and/or govern, as well as provide services concerning people’s needs, personal safety and welfare. If you want to help people live richer, safer, happier lives this is a good career path for you to explore