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Senior Capstone Project


SCP Timeline:
  • Choose a Mentor & Contract Turn-in    Complete Before December 17th
  • First Planning Meeting                    Complete in January  
  • Spring Check-in Meeting                 Complete in February
  • Review / Final Check-in Meeting    Complete in March
  • Turn in Portfolio to Mentor            April 28th (Before end of School Day)


You must select a mentor for this process. In order to enable you to have personal advice on your portfolio, each teacher or staff member is allowed to have no more than 5 mentees. Be the first to get them on board for you!


Please direct any question, concerns, or problems you have to your mentor or Ms. Burns.  You may also email her directly at

1st Meeting: —Seniors meet with mentors. Schedule meeting location and time with your mentor. Bring your copy of SCP Contract & Packet. Mentor goes over packet and explains project to mentees. Make sure they understand the SLO's and components of the Capstone.

2nd Meeting : Schedule with their mentor – seniors meet with their mentors. Mentors and mentees discuss progress on project and mentors answer clarification questions/look over rough draft completed to date.

3rd Meeting: – Seniors meet with their mentors. Rough draft due.

Final Project Due Date: April 28th – Mentors keep portfolio until grading. 

An Honors portfolio is exemplary in the variety of artifacts. It has sincere and insightful reflection on the work, and is expertly put together. Receiving Honors, outside of the satisfaction it would give the senior, gives recognition to students for producing something more meaningful than points or a letter grade. Students will receive recognition and a medal at the graduation ceremony for their Honors portfolio, as well as leave high school with something that well represents their capabilities and talents. In addition, Honors Portfolio will be notated on the student transcript.

To have a CHANCE to receive HONORS on your Senior Exit Portfolio, you MUST:
• Have the exemplary, sincere, insightful, portfolio described above.
• Include title page, table of contents, and closure. (See SEP packet for more info)
• Take part in the Oral Interview process.

An oral interview allows a student to demonstrate more of his/her personality and sincerity than just the compilation in the portfolio can do. You should consider doing an oral presentation if you think that it would make your portfolio stronger. The format is similar to a job interview…dress professionally and be prepared to answer probing questions. Discuss with your mentor the advantages of making this presentation. The oral interview is required to receive Honors. Please note that presenting your portfolio orally does not guarantee Honors recognition. The oral interviews will take place on date to be determined. You must notify Ms. Burns and your Mentor of your intention to do the orals. Interviews will be no longer than 15 minutes