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Senior Capstone Project

Senior Capstone Project Packets
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2023-24 SCP Important Dates:
  • Choose a Mentor & Choice Slip Turn-in      Complete Before December 8th
  • First Planning Meeting                                   Complete on January 29th
  • Spring Check-in Meeting                               Complete on February 26th
  • Review / Final Check-in Meeting                  Complete on March 18th
  • FAFSA Application                                       Complete before March 2nd (For Maximum Aid Consideration)
  • Turn in Portfolio to Mentor                           April 25th (Before end of School Day)
  • Honors Interview                                            May 6th (After-School)


You must select a mentor for this process. In order to enable you to have personal advice on your portfolio, each teacher or staff member is allowed to have no more than 5 mentees. Be the first to get them on board for you!


Please direct any question, concerns, or problems you have to your mentor or Ms. Burns.  You may also email her directly at [email protected]


Choose your Mentor - The first step is finding a SCP Mentor, do this before Winter Break and turn in your Mentor Choice Slip to the Counseling Office before December 16th.

1st Meeting: —Seniors meet with mentors. Schedule meeting location and time with your mentor. Bring your SCP Packet. Mentor goes over packet and explains project to mentees. Make sure they understand the SLO's and components of the Capstone.

2nd Meeting :  – Seniors meet again with their mentors. Mentors and mentees discuss progress on project and mentors answer clarification questions/look over rough draft completed to date.

3rd Meeting: – Seniors meet with their mentors. Rough draft due.

Final Project Due Date: April 25th – Mentors keep portfolio until grading. 

If you wish to go for Honors, both options will have the same Honors In-Person Presentation and Interview for your Senior Capstone Project. 

An In-Person Presentation or Interview allows a student to demonstrate more of his/her personality and sincerity than just the compilation in the portfolio can do. The format is similar to a job interview…dress professionally and be prepared to answer probing questions.

The interviews will take place on date to be determined. All Seniors will be emailed out if they wish to do an Honors Presentation, be sure to respond so you can sign up for an interview time. Interviews will be no longer than 15 minutes