Staff Directory

Staff Directory





Achen, Charlotte College and Career Specialist Counseling Office
Bauman, Aria Science B4
Beck, Stephanie Science B3
Blair, Ian  Academic Counselor: 9th/10th Counseling Office
Bowers, Amber Instructional Aide J3
Bradley, Jared Athletic Trainer E6
Brandt, Emily Graphic Design/Photo C201
Brewer, Mark Instructional Aide J1
Brown, Eric Computer Science C3
Buie, Linda ELL E5
Burns, Leslie Academic Counselor: 11th/12th Counseling Office
Calden, Jeff Principal Administration Office
Childs, Wendy Campus Supervisor D5 1/2
Clark, Stacy Math D2
Conger, Aron English/Yearbook H-102
Coria, Luzana Custodian Room 0
Coulson, Chris PE Teacher/A.D. Gym
Cox, Jeff PE Teacher Gym
Dahlen, Luke Spanish H-204
Darrough, Tiffany English H-201
Devin, Christine French/Skills & Support G4
DeSantis, Sara Math I-102
Doty, Rebecca Math I-101
Fennelly, James Custodian Room 0
Fenton, Katreen Speech and Language Room 2000
Gnau, Joan Library / Textbooks Library
Grant, David Const/Green Eng/Aqua F4/C203
Guiver, Alexis Special Education J2
Hausmann, Annina Accounting Administration Office
Hawklyn, Scott Science E8
Hill, Megan Assistant Principal Administration Office
Kitts, Jeff Technology Director Tech Office
Lange, Jeannette Administrative Assistant Counseling Office
Lasater, Melissa Special Education D3
Liston, Carey Music MS 25 Band
Martin, Cheryl Special Education J3
Martin, Joe Custodian Room 0
Martinez, Cindy Social Studies H-101
McCabe, Rebecca Spanish E1
McMahon, Christy Heath Clerk Administration Office
McWaid, Kelly School Nurse D4
Meyer, Howard CTE:  Aquaponics C203
Mitchell, Deborah Mental Health Counselor Counseling Office
Monroe, Mary Studio Art B2
Mount, Katrina Registrar Counseling Office
Osenga, Chelsie Spanish H-202
Parmenter, Ross Social Studies G5
Poetzinger, Mitzi Psychologist Room 2001
Reno, John Math H203
Ritchie, Erin English/Skills & Support G2
Ruby, Jennifer English G3
Runneals, Devin Math H-103
Salido, Julie Social Studies G6
Schafer, Martin Science B1
Skalland, April School Resource Officer Administration Office
Sofranko, Steve Social Studies/English I103
Sutcliffe, Shane English G1
Taylor, Ellen Attendance Administration Office
Troxell, Heather Leadership E4
Thompson, Terry Art, Ceramics D6/E3
Usero, Joseph Math I-102
Velasquez, Javier Campus Supervisor D 5 1/2
Williams, Brenna Administrative Assistant Administration Office
Young, Sara Instructional Aide J1