Updates From the Junior Counselor

Hi Juniors and Parents,
Hard to believe it is March and the year is almost over. I wanted to post a few reminders.
SENIOR Course Requests: All students have turned in their course requests for next year. I am finalizing those selections and checking in with students as needed. Parents, please ask your student to share their requests with you and make sure they have your approval. Students can still meet with me to go over their requests. 
SAT/ACT Testing season: This is the season to take the SATs or ACTs for all 4 year college bound students. Please click here  for SAT dates and deadlines and registration information. Please click here for ACT dates and deadlines.
College Lists: Students created their initial college lists on Naviance. Students can continue to add to their lists and share those lists with families. Between now and next fall students should be researching and refining their choices.
College Road Trips: This is also a great time to plan college road trips and take advantage of opportunities to visit some of the colleges you are interested in. Here is a link with very helpful information on college visits and how to make the most of them: 
Parents, I also recommended that students who were planning on going to community college and transfer need to do their research so they know what schools they want to transfer to and take the appropriate classwork at the community college. I've also attached a helpful worksheet below.
Summer School Dates. Some students will need to take summer school this summer. The dates for our program will be from June 11 through July 9th, Monday - Thursday, no school on the 4th of July.  If your student received a D or F for their final semester grades from this year or last year, I will most likely be recommending summer school. Save the date!!
Hang in there, JUNIORS. I'm here to help.

Leslie Burns