Summer School and Local Summer Opportunities

So what am I going to do this summer?

The long awaited counselor summer newsletter is here. We have ideas on how you can spend your summer. For some of you, we will be strongly recommending summer school. Listed below are local options and brief descriptions. We have also attached necessary forms and instructions for students and families.


SLVHS- Referred by the counselors. Students can take PE class (5 credits) or seat based math class (Math 1 or 2) or work on an online Edmentum class with an instructor to replace a D or F grade in a college prep class. See attached form.

County Program (at Highlands or other county locations) COE- non a-g. This program is more of an independent studies program with student meeting with a teacher 1-2x weekly. Need high school counselor rec form to be completed online with student. Student needs to see his/her counselor to request classes. Parent info form attached.

Cabrillo College- The summer (and fall) schedule was finally released today for Cabrillo College. Please go to their website here to see if there is any course you are interested in taking. In order to register for any summer or fall Cabrillo classes: all high school students need their counselor to sign a Concurrent Enrollment Form. Students also need to apply for admission online as well as register. High school students may register for summer classes beginning May 23.

Cabrillo’s Cyber Security Summer Program- If you are interested in Cyber Security, Cabrillo has a very specific program that may be right up your alley! See the attached flier.

UCSC- Summer opportunities are available for high school students. These courses can be more expensive. Please feel free to check out these opportunities here.  

BYU Online- Students interested in taking independent study online courses may consider this option. Please visit their website for potential courses of interest. Finals can be proctored here at SLVHS in August, please contact your counselor for further info.

Other Summer Options-  This is a great article (click here)  about valuable ways for high school students to spend their summers. This is what UC and private schools are looking for when they consider your application. Take a look and make sure you are incorporating some of these ideas into your summer plans.