Graduation 2019

  • Friday, June 7th, 2019
  • 10am - 12noon
  • Football Field
  • Entrance will start at 8:30am.
  • First row of seats are reserved for people with special needs.


Class of 2019 Graduation Information 

Graduation for the Class of 2019 will be held on Friday, June 7 at 10:00 am on the High School Football Field.  

Below are some details about the day for both seniors and their families.


Agenda for the Morning

8:00-9:00 am Senior Breakfast on the Senior Lawn.

8:15 am Handicapped Parking entry begins

8:30 am Family access to seating areas begins.

This includes the bleachers, and putting up pop-ups or chairs on the hillsides

9:00 am Arrival of Graduates at Rooms E4 and E5

9:15 am Graduates begin to Line Up for Processional

9:45 am Processional begins- students walk up to field

10:00 am Graduation Ceremony Begins

At the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates will exit the field the way they came in, heading back down to the senior lawn area, where they will pick up their actual diplomas and picture order packets from the Counseling Office.

The track and field area will not be open to the public before or after the ceremony.  Families can meet their graduates back down on the main campus, which will give the students time to get their materials from the Counseling Office.

More Detailed Information

Handicapped Parking: The entrance to handicapped parking will be at the entrance to the small road behind the softball/little league fields.  A Campus Supervisor will be there to check you in and direct you to our handicapped parking areas.  We will need all of these designated parking spaces for our families who have a handicapped parking placard or have someone who cannot make the walk up the hill.  We ask the rest of our families and guests to respect this and not use an accommodation you do not need.

Handicapped Seating: There will be handicapped seating available in the side bleachers. The first row of the main bleachers is also reserved for handicapped guests. There will be space against the wall on the track for guests in wheelchairs.

Parking: There are several areas to park.  However, it will still be very crowded and every year, people do have to park offsite and walk. Carpooling is encouraged and recommended.  

Places to Park:

  • Main lot in front of the High School  

  • Side lot at the HS by baseball fields and pool

  • SLV Elementary Lot - including the playground blacktop next to the basketball hoops and next to the Field of Dreams grass area

  • SLV Middle School Lot - including dirt spots on the side of Hacienda Way

  • Church Parking Lot on Hacienda Way near the Middle School

  • Church Parking Lot on Fall Creek Drive/Hwy 9 near the bridge

Places NOT to Park:

  • Field of Dreams at SLVE.  Please don’t park on the grass

  • Castelli’s parking lot

  • Anywhere that blocks in another car or blocks entry or exit from the lot

  • On the sidewalk, on a shoulder that blocks the road, or anywhere else that is not legal to park.

Pictures: Professional pictures will be taken of each graduate after they receive their diploma and come to the front of the stage to be cheered.  Order forms for these photos will be included in the materials that graduates pick up in the counseling office after the ceremony.

Family members who want to take pictures during the ceremony are welcome to do so.  However, the track and field will not be open to the public.  And we also ask that you do not stand in front of people sitting in the bleachers.  

Seating: Please try and be respectful of seating.  Saving seats should really be done by sitting in them, not by spreading blankets across an entire row.  Of course, people will need to save a seat or two for someone coming up the hill or coming from handicapped parking.  But once the Processional of Graduates across the field begins, all seats should be made available to people who are there.

Things to bring:  
Water and Sunscreen: there will be water provided to graduates and water for sale for guests, but it doesn’t hurt to bring your own.

Things to please NOT bring: Air Horns and Silly String:  Air Horns can hurt the ears of others and Silly String can cause damage to the turf field and is a giant mess that someone else has to clean up.

Shoes with heels: Graduates - heels can damage the track and the turf field. Please wear flats or wedge heels. No exceptions.

We are looking forward to a lovely morning of celebration for an amazing group of graduates.