Newsletter 9-6-19

Principal’s Message

from Jeff Calden

A Good Read

Consequences of Teen Vaping 

When I come across an article that seems appropriate and timely for our students and families, I will post it at the front of the newsletter.

Thanks to Claire Hackett for sending me this one about a CDC report of hundreds of teens nationwide being recently hospitalized for seizures and severe lung illness associated with vaping. One of these students died. The dangers of teens vaping are real and have serious consequences. A link to the article is below.


picture retake day

Monday is School Picture Retake Day

Monday is School Picture Retake Day.  The Van Zantes Photo Van will be parked in the parking lot near the Science Building.

This is the last chance for students to get a Student ID Card and/or a Retake for the Yearbook and their School Picture.

Students can get their pictures taken before school, after school, at brunch, at lunch, after-school, or during a free period.




Hey - Remember These? Heelys Shoes with Wheels on the Bottom - Still Not Allowed at School

Apparently, Heelys are making a comeback.  Students and Parents - please note that these are NOT okay for school.

Same reason you can't wear rollerskates or ride a skateboard on campus.  Safety First!  Thanks for your cooperation.




Upcoming University Visits at SLV High School

We have an exciting array of universities visiting us in the next month. 

If you would like to talk with any of these universities, please be sure to RSVP on Naviance!  


How do I RSVP on Naviance?

o   If you do not remember your Naviance log-in, email Katrina Mount at 

  • On the main page you will see a section called "Whats New" this is where you will see all the scheduled University Visits.
  • Click on "more info" on the visits you are interested in and this will take you to a page where on the top right corner there will be an option to "Register."


What happens on the Day of Visits?

  • For 10 am visits, on these days  you will receive a pass to the counseling office to see the representative for 10 minutes.
  • Fort Lunch-time visits, just come to the cougar lawn and meet with them!
  • For all visits, An activity sheet will be on the representatives table and once completed, can be turned into Charlotte in the Counseling office.
  • September 10th - Grand Canyon University @ 10am (RSVP Required for Pass)
  • September  12th - University of Southern California   @ 10:30 am (RSVP Required for Pass)
  • September  13th - Chapman University   @ 10am (RSVP Required for Pass)
  • September  19th - Pacific Lutheran University   @ 10am (RSVP Required for Pass)
  • September 20th - Oregon State University - Cascades   @ 10am (RSVP Required for Pass)
  • September 24th - University of Connecticut   @ Lunch 
  • September 30th - Willamette University  @ Lunch 
  • October 7th - Reed College  @ Lunch 
  • October 23rd - Lewis & Clark College @ Lunch 
  • October 28th  - Ryerson University  @ Lunch 
  • October 29th  - Saint Mary's College of California  @ 10am (RSVP Required for Pass)  
  • October 30th - Rutgers University @ Lunch



Weekly Schedule

Schedule for the Week of September 9-13


September 9


Early Release A Day - Dismissal 2:01 pm

School Picture Retake Day

Grad Night Meeting 6:30 pm


September 10




September 11


Athletic Booster Mtg - 6:00 pm


September 12




September 13





the mattress fundraiser

SLV Music Fundraiser - 2019 Mattress Sale - September 21st in HS Gym from 10 am to 5 pm

Hey! Do you happen to need a new mattress? San Lorenzo Valley Music Programs is hosting their 4th annual mattress sale fundraiser from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on September 21st in the gym. I know it sounds crazy, but what Custom Fundraising Solutions does is bring in 25 different mattresses from name brands like Simmons Beautyrest into the school for a day, transforming the gym into a mattress showroom. It's just like a store, but in a school. Custom Fundraising Solutions then goes directly to the manufacturer in ordering the brand new bed. They take out the middle man saving customers up to 50% on a mattress while giving a huge amount of money back to the Music Program.  If you need a new mattress or know anyone who does, have them come to the event and get a new mattress here! 


Check in on Facebook + Invite all of your Facebook friends : 

What is a mattress fundraiser? :

Thanks for supporting the San Lorenzo Valley Music Programs!


school pictures

School Photos from Van Zantes are Online and have a Discount Price for a Short Time

This is to let you know the gallery SLVHS School Photos 2019-20 is now available for viewing at the following link.

You will need to create an account if you do not already have one.



grad night

Grad Night Meeting Next Monday, September 9 at 6:30 pm

Come support our safe and sober Grad Night for the Class of 2020!

We appreciate and need all the help we can get to make this happen for our kids.


san lorenzo valley booster club

Booster Club Meeting Next Wednesday, September 11 at 6:00 pm

Welcome to the 2019-2020 season. SLV Athletic Boosters partners with the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District to subsidize and support the school sanctioned athletic programs. Our next regular business meeting is the second Wednesday of the month in the Teachers Lounge at San Lorenzo Valley High School. The meetings begin at 6:00 PM and usually lasts about an hour.

Please go to for more information



caaspp california assessment of student performance and progress

Individual Student State Test Scores

The California Department of Education (CDE) will no longer be mailing home student score reports for any of the state level testing. Your student's electronic student score reports can be obtained by logging in to the parent portal in PowerSchool. More details about how to access the score reports can be found on this SLVUSD webpage:  Student State Tests  


school calendar for 2019-2020

Link to our SLVHS Calendar for Families

Click the link for access to our SLVHS Calendar for Families.  SLVHS Calendar for Families  

This calendar has all school events, parent meetings, types of bell schedule and other information on one page.

It is also attached to this newsletter to print on a single page.


from bell to bell there is no cell

No Cell Phone Use During Class Periods

Not in the Classroom. Not in the Halls. Not in Your Car. Not in a Tree. Turn it Off and Let it Be

The SLVHS cell phone policy is to have phones powered down and in backpacks at all times except for brunch and lunch. Many students are using their phones in classrooms and in the hallways. 


If administrators or campus supervisors see a student using a phone during instructional time, it will result in the phone being immediately confiscated and brought to the Administrative Office. Students can pick up their phones at the end of the day. Repetitive cell confiscations will warrant greater consequences. Thank you for supporting your child's learning.


Families: please do not text or call your child during the school day. If there is an emergency or you need to get a message to your child, please call the office and we will get that message to the student or bring that student up to call you. This method has worked for over 100 years and still works today. In fact, it is more reliable than a text. Thank you for working with us to make class time more productive and less stressful for students.



every day counts attend today-achieve tomorrow!

SLVHS Attendance Policies

The beginning of the year is a good time to review existing and new attendance policies so that everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises!  This stuff is never fun to talk about. We do not want your children to come to school when they are ill, but if they aren’t sick, they need to be here.

THE RULES: California Education Code recognizes only the following reasons as excused absences: personal illness; religious holidays; medical or dental services; serious family emergencies; and/or school suspension. All other absences will be recorded as unexcused. This also applies to tardies.  Oversleeping and Traffic are not excused tardies. These are not our rules. We can’t bend them, change them, or ignore them.


CLEARING ABSENCES: There are two methods for clearing absences

Option OneCall the Attendance Line and Leave a Message

Please call the attendance line, preferably the day that your student is absent, at 335-4425 Extension 206.  This phone line is available 24/7.

Please leave the following information when you call:

  •       First and last name of the student
  •       Date and period(s) of the absence(s)
  •       The specific reason for the absence
  •       Phone number where the parent can be reached


Option Two – Send Your Student Back to School with a Note  

You may also send your student back to school the day they return with a note that includes all information listed above.


Failure to clear absences will result in consequences including detention, loss of privileges (dances, sports contests) and possible in-school suspension. An automated phone caller will notify parents/guardians nightly of any period absence for that current school day. 


If you have any questions regarding any of these policies please contact Assistant Principal Danielle Winters at: or 335-4425 ext. 202.


Below are some helpful links and contact information for SLV High School students and parents:

SLV High School Website SLV High School Calendar     SLV High School Bell Schedule   

SLVUSD 2019-20 School Year Calendar   SLVHS Student Handbook

Administration        Staff Directory        Campus Map

SLVHS Cougar Parent Club  SLVHS Athletics Booster Club


7105 Hwy 9, Felton, CA 95018

Phone: (831) 335-4425

Fax: (831) 335-1531

Attendance Line: (831) 335-3646


scent free zone

This is a reminder that San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District policy, as set by the Board of Trustees, declares that we are a fragrant-neutral district. As we begin to have our drama performances and other site-based activities and meetings, please take care to follow the policies below for the sake of the students and members of our community who are highly allergic to fragrances and scents.

The SLVUSD Board of Trustees adopted a California School Board Association policy to make all district classrooms and offices fragrant neutral. SLVHS has parents, students, and community members with respiratory issues who can have negative reactions to fragrances. Please take care to follow the policy while on campus.  

Staff and students shall refrain from bringing furred or feathered animals, stuffed toys that may collect dust mites, scented candles, incense or air fresheners and from using perfume or cologne, scented hair spray, nail polish or nail polish remover that are not fragrance-free in classrooms or other enclosed areas or buildings. 



Community Opportunity Link

The Community Opportunity Link is provided as a courtesy for parents and students by the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District to receive information of current local events and other student opportunities. These opportunities range from scouting, sports, arts/drama, local community events, as well as other parent resources.

In an effort to reduce paper, flyers will not be sent home to students; all approved flyers will be posted to this District-created website.





community and emergency notification call: 335-4425 x 201 for info



words of wisdom


if you bring nothing but drama to the table, don't be surprised if everyone else gets up and leaves.