From the Senior Counselor-January 17th

Greetings Seniors,
Welcome to your last semester of high school. Congratulations on being almost there. I have a few important reminders for you:
Senior Contracts: I will be working on these over the next two weeks. These contracts state specifically what you need to do in order to graduate. I will be meeting with you one-on-one to have you sign the contract. We will then mail the contract home to parents. That way there are no surprises!!

First Semester Grades. 
Report cards will be sent out this week. Next week I will be sending 7th semester transcripts and common app mid year reports to all colleges that need them. Please feel free to check in with me and make sure that I have sent transcripts and mid year reports to all your colleges. 
Portal Accounts: Most colleges keep in touch with their prospective students through portal accounts. This way they can quickly reach out and let you know what they need and help you with a TO DO list. Please check your portal accounts on a regular basis. This may also be the first place where you hear whether or not you have been accepted. 
Cabrillo Honors: The Cabrillo Honors Application is available online at The honors counselor was here this week and many of you were able to attend her presentation. Even if you did not, if you have a 3.3 GPA or above you should still apply. Applying sooner can help your chances. Don't delay.
Cabrillo Planning Workshops: Sign ups are in the counseling office. Cabrillo counselors will be here to help you plan your classes for next fall and beyond. To participate you need to apply to Cabrillo, Complete your online orientation, and submit your FAFSA. 
Scholarship Season has arrived: Charlotte has information about a variety of scholarships available for our students. Don't miss out on an opportunity for financial help. 
Lot's happening. Hang in there. Take care. The end is in sight. Breathe!!