From the Senior Counselor - March 16th

Dear Seniors and Senior Parents,
Thinking of you all and hoping you are all safe and well. Take care of yourselves and please let us know how we can support you best during this challenging time. 
Students, you technically have the next two days off while teachers gear up for online learning. But if you are looking for something to do....
What you can do:  Continue to move towards graduation. I would encourage those of you who have not finished your Senior Exit Portfolio to do so now. You can communicate with your mentors or me via email and share your work on google docs. 
Also, if you are working on Option A or B you do not need to have a recommendation letter from a teacher. Rec letters are only needed for Option C.
If you are a TA: I am asking all students who have a TA period in your schedule to use that time to work on your portfolio when you begin online school on Wednesday. I am also available to edit and work with any of you who may need extra help. Those of you that have a TA in the offices or library, middle school or elementary school will need to report on Go Guardian to me during your TA periods. More info to come. 
Also, please let us know if you do not have internet access at your house. We are reaching out to all our families and working on plans to support all our students. If you already told me or a teacher last week then we have you on our list. 
We'll be in touch,
Leslie Burns
College, Career and Academic Counselor