From the Senior Counselor - March 20

Dear Seniors and Parents,
Mr. Calden's Cougar Mail is definitely worth reading and gives you useful pieces as we all navigate online learning. I am so proud of our students and our community. We are ahead of the curve. The rest of Santa Cruz County will join us next week with online learning but you all are doing an incredible job making this happen and we will forge on and do what we need to do to make this a successful learning experience.
Here's some important tips for seniors:
Grades: We were able to freeze grades this week so we have a record of where you were before online learning started. Teachers can also do grade changes for students who make up missing work and this is an opportunity for some of you to get grades up to passing or even better. Teachers can send Katrina and I grade changes when you do the make up work. I will be reaching out to some of you and your teachers to help support in this process. Bottom line: We can all work towards staying on track for graduation.
Senior Exit Portfolios: Still due on April 13th. You can send google docs to your mentors or me. WE may have to grade onllne but SEPs are still a graduation requirement for all of us. 😁
AP Test update: AP tests are on, given at home, more info to come. Kids can cancel for free
I'll send out more information next week as they update us.
CTE off campus classes: Should be gearing up next week. I am checking in with those of you who have off campus classes and your teachers. They're on it and will get you going next week. Be sure to email your teachers by Monday.
Transcripts, Naviance and college updates: I would love for each of you to go into your Naviance accounts and update your college choices and acceptances. If any of you need official or unofficial transcripts, let us know and we can still get them out.
Scholarships: Charlotte is figuring out all sorts of ways to help you all continue to apply for scholarships and get applications in on time. Watch for her updates.
Cabrillo: All classes have gone to online formats. Those of you with Cabrillo classes need to contact your teachers and make sure you are on track with your college classes. 
Credit Recovery Classes: Available at home! You can email Jakeh Hall to unlock tests when you need to take them.
Know that I am available by email and will reach out to you by email too to work on grades, participation and any issues that come up. Please check frequently to make sure you are doing what you need to do to move towards graduation and your plans beyond. Take care, be safe and let me know if there is anything we can do as a school to help you out. 
Leslie Burns
College, Career and Academic Counselor