From the Senior Counselor 3/27

Here's some important tips for seniors:
Mostly updates on last week's tips but please read and follow through. I am reaching out to students individually as well to work on your specific issues and needs. I would love to get more updated info on college decisions, etc. 
Senior Exit Portfolios: Now optional. Hopefully you all have heard this news. Please see my previous email or read morning announcements. Whatever your decision is,  could you please email your mentor and myself so we have that information. More info to come on how to submit.
Grades: We were able to freeze grades last week so we have a record of where you were before online learning started. Teachers can also do grade changes for students who make up missing work and this is an opportunity for some of you to get grades up to passing or even better. Teachers can send Katrina and I grade changes when you do the make up work. I am reaching out to some of you and your teachers to help support in this process. Bottom line: We can all work towards staying on track for graduation. For some of you this is CRITICAL.
CTE off campus classes: Please let me know if you are having trouble contacting your instructor. They are letting me know how you are doing and if they are hearing from you. Participation is still important!!
Transcripts, Naviance and college updates: I would love for each of you to go into your Naviance accounts and update your college choices and acceptances. If any of you need official or unofficial transcripts, let us know and we can still get them out.
Scholarships: Charlotte is figuring out all sorts of ways to help you all continue to apply for scholarships and get applications in on time. Watch for her updates.
Cabrillo: Those of you with current classes: All classes have gone to online formats. Those of you with Cabrillo classes need to contact your teachers and make sure you are on track with your college classes. 
Those of you planning to start this summer or fall: Cabrillo's Summer and Fall 2020 schedules are still due out April 14th. Charlotte is getting out the information coming from Cabrillo. SUPER HELPFUL guides on how to plan your fall schedule. 
Credit Recovery Classes: Available at home!
Too Soon? kinda funny.. see below.
I miss seeing you all in the halls or coming by my office. Hoping you are all doing well and we are here if you need anything. Take care,

Leslie Burns
College, Career and Academic Counselor