From the Senior Counselor-Enjoy Your Spring Break

Dear Seniors and parents,
My heart broke for all of you when we got Mr. Calden's email and learned that we would not be together on campus again this year for a regular school day, and that many end of the year traditions for seniors will look very different. But I want to echo what both Mr. Calden and Mrs. Hackett have said. We will have graduation and a celebration, and we are committed to honoring all of you and sending you off in style. "Our students have worked too hard to achieve this once in a lifetime milestone to not recognize and celebrate their accomplishment" said one high school administrator.I have heard that from Dr. Bruton as well. Know that as a district and high school, we are committed to making this happen for you. I am so glad I work for a district that truly does care. 
In the meantime: I have AP updates fresh from collegeboard today and I'm looking forward to a more sustainable school schedule when we get back from break. Be sure to read the emails from Dr. Bruton and Mr. Calden so you know what you are doing when we return a week from Monday. I'll look forward to hearing from all of our students on Mondays. 
AP Updates. For those students who are taking AP tests, I just took part in a webinar to get the latest and greatest info for you. Here is what I learned:
1. The schedule for AP tests can be found here.
2. The format of taking the tests at home can be found here. **They do have protocols in place to address any possible cheating that may occur with the online at home platform, though they do not provide details on this. So please be responsible.**
3. CollegeBoard is providing review videos which can be found here
4. Do you not have a computer or reliable internet? Contact CollegeBoard by April 24th! 
SEPs still optional but if you are turning one in, please email me:
Students still doing SEPs should email me and let me know. We hope that many of you will choose to do an online format. See attachment in my last email if you need tips on doing this.
If you are planning to submit a physical product I will be at school on Monday, April 13th and you can submit your portfolio on the bench in front of the counseling office from 9-11am. Please make sure to have all pieces labeled with your name.
Take care and enjoy your spring break.

Leslie Burns
College, Career and Academic Counselor