From the Sophomore Counselor - May Day!

Greetings Sophomores and Parents,
Happy May Day!
So it looks like May will look a lot like April in terms of sheltering in place and distance learning. Thank you to all of you for the sacrifices you are making. We are hopeful that we will soon be past the worst of this but school will look much the same for this last full month. Hang in there.
There's still a lot happening and I'll try to highlight the items that are most important to sophomores. A few repeats to emphasize the importance of grades.
AP Tests: Start next week. Lots of info has been coming your way. I've reposted it below if you are frantically looking for it. This really only applies to AP Physics and a few AP language students. Next year....for most of you.
Cabrillo Summer and Fall Sign ups for high school students, May 20th.
The class schedule has been released for summer and fall at Cabrillo. All summer classes will now be held online even if the description states otherwise. Check out this informational video I created to help you navigate Cabrillo's website if you are interested. First steps for signing up for a Cabrillo Summer or Fall class
This is my first attempt at creating a helpful video so consider yourself warned. I have also attached the dual enrollment form and recommended courses for high school students to this email.
Failing Grades and Summer school info: Still waiting on official roll outs from the county and our own district but I will be reaching out to students and parents that may need summer school to stay on track with high school credits. I am still sending emails to many students (and their parents and teachers) who had a failing grade when we switched to online learning. Your teachers are working with us during this time to help you get your grades up to passing and will be reaching out to you in the next few weeks. This could help many of you avoid summer school this summer or in the future. Please use this opportunity wisely and give yourself some time off this summer. 
On a personal note: So as distance learning and sheltering in place drags on, there are challenges and frustrations for all of us. We recognize that each of you have unique issues that can impact your learning. Please reach out to us if you need additional support or direction about how to make this work for you. Your teachers are figuring this out too and sometimes we need to all brainstorm solutions and new ways to approach learning. Please let us know. We are here to help.
Leslie Burns
College, Career and Academic Counselor


New Advanced Placement (A.P.) Testing Updates for Students and Families

AP Testing begins May 11th and concludes on May 22nd.

How Do I Pay for the Tests?

SLV High School is now accepting payment for AP Exams. Students, you should log in to your College Board account, see how many tests you are taking and multiply that by $94. 

If you are part of the free/reduced lunch program, your cost is $53/test. 

Send a check made out to SLVHS, and put your (student's) first and last name in the memo line. Address the envelope to SLVHS Attn: Annina Hausmann. 

Payment is due to SLV High School by May 4th.

If your situation has changed and you and your family need financial support at this time, please contact Annina Hausmann at

AP Art Students: Your Digital Art Submissions are due on Monday, May 11th.  

Mrs. Thompson will then review them for you to make sure they are ready to be assessed.

AP Computer Science Students: Your Computer Performance Task must be turned into the AP Digital Portfolio by May 26th at 8:59 pm.

Exam Dates

* Exams will be given from May 11–22.

* Makeup test dates will be available for each subject from June 1–5.

* Students can take exams at home or in schools, if they reopen.

* Each subject's exam will be taken on the same day at the same time, worldwide.


Tips and Information for Students and Families

* Scores should come out July 15

* Open book: open book, open internet but tests are designed so that there is no way an answer can come from the internet

* Kids will practice uploading materials with teachers soon

* Tests were written with the knowledge that most students will not finish all questions. Just do your best. You can still pass even if you don't answer all questions.

* It's recommended that parents plan a place in the house for testing. Other family members should not take the bandwidth. All distractions should be thought about ahead of time (siblings)

* Tests won't be harder or easier than any other year.

* They have sophisticated ways of finding cheaters. If it's proven that you tried to cheat, you are reported to college admissions people everywhere.


Advanced Placement Test Schedules
  9:00 AM 11:00 AM 1:00 PM
Mon, May 11     AP Government and Politics
Tue, May 12   AP Calculus  
Wed, May 13   AP English   
Thu, May 14     AP Physics 
Fri, May 15   AP U.S. History (APUSH)  
Mon, May 18   AP Biology AP Environmental Science (APES)
Tue, May 19      
Wed, May 20   AP Language and Composition (APLAC)  
Thu, May 21 AP French    
Fri, May 22   AP Statistics AP Spanish