From the Junior Counselor 5/29/20

Hi students- 
The next time I send a mass email, it will most likely be when you are SENIORS!!! How did this happen already?!?! Just a few updates for you all as we wrap up the year: 
Cabrillo Registration. All students should be able to officially register for Dual Enrollment courses for this Summer or Fall. Please note that just sending me a Dual Enrollment form does not mean you are in the class, you have to register for it as well. Do not forget, you are seeking this additional challenge of a college course so you must be in control of this process. The grade you earn will be on your permanent college record. I have no way of ensuring you are officially enrolled in the class or how well you are doing, so please stay on top of any dates or deadlines. 
Finals. I hope finals went well. I know it was a crazy semester, but you made it to the finish line! 
June 1st, 9am- 4pm. Book Returns. Check Mr. Calden's latest newsletters for more detailed information. 
Summer School. I reached out to students and their families regarding summer school if I thought it was necessary. There may be summer school referrals this week as grades are finalized. PLEASE take responsibility for your education. If you are trying to make up a D for four-year colleges and I have not contacted you yet, please reach out to me directly. If you think summer school may be needed for graduation purposes or to achieve your higher education goals, please let me know. 
Have a great summer, you earned it. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall as we tackle college applications together. Consider using your summer wisely to continue your college and post-secondary research. 
Best wishes, 
Jen Kelly
College, Career, and Academic Counselor 
Freshmen & Junior 
SLVHS Felton, Ca