From the Senior Counselor - IMPORTANT

Congratulations on finishing your last week of high school classes. YOU DID IT! Through all the craziness of the last 2 months and all that went before it you have persevered, each in your own unique, amazing way. And now you will graduate in a very strange and fun fashion but you are still graduating. Please be sure to read emails from Mr. Calden and Ms. Hackett so you know exactly what to do next week. And I have one last counseling assignment to give you:
IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR DIPLOMA WHEN YOU GRADUATE Please follow these important instructions:
1. Go to your Naviance account one last time. 
    Click on the About Me tab at top of page. 
    Click on My Surveys then Surveys Not Started
    Take the 2020 SLVHS Senior Exit Survey
This information will allow us to send your transcripts to your next school and have an email on file should we need to reach you. It also helps us do our jobs better and we appreciate you giving us honest feedback.
2. All books and materials must be returned or fines paid before next Thursday. Today was Senior Day for book drops but you can now come any day next week, Monday-Thursday to take care of this. See CougarMail for hours and more details.
Otherwise you will see a bill instead of a diploma.
3. You must complete ALL your graduation credit and subject requirements. If you did not pass a class this semester: You will be notified by your teacher that you have an INC and given instructions for what you need to do to pass. Please follow those instructions. You will have next week to get your grade up to passing or it will become a NG-no grade. If you need the class for graduation: We will not be able to issue you a diploma until you pass the class or retake it. I will be reaching out to you next week and making summer school recommendations if appropriate. 
We also need proof that you passed any online classes through BYU or Cabrillo. 
Classes are over. You just have a few more things to take care of and this chapter of your lives will end and you will begin another. I am excited to see you and your families in your cars next Friday for our Drive Thru Graduation.
Take care and stay safe,

Leslie Burns
College, Career and Academic Counselor