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Principal’s Message

from Jeff Calden

the big list

The Big List of End of Year Information

Today's Newsletter is FULL of End of Year Information for Students and Parents.

Checkout, Graduation, Grades, Yearbook Pickup - This is where you get your questions answered.

Please take the time to make sure you are informed and don't miss anything.


end of year checkout




Return all books, chromebooks, chargers, and graphing calculators

May 29: 9-4 


Return all books and graphing calculators

June 1: 9-4


Return all books and graphing calculators

June 2: 9-4


Return all books and graphing calculators

June 3: 9-4


One last chance-open to All Classes

June 4: 11-4

  • Seniors must turn in all checked out items - INCLUDING CHROMEBOOKS and CHARGERS - in order to participate in the car parade and receive a diploma.   
  • ALL Students who still need to pay for an AP Exam can bring a Check or Cash to pay for it during Checkout! 
  • All other Students will be required to bring any textbooks, novels, and graphing calculators checked from SLVHS.
  • MASKS are Required for this as we will be handing stuff to each other in and out of your car.


What to Do?

  • If you lost something - please bring money or a check for what you lost
  • This is also an opportunity to pay for an AP Exam that you took, but have not yet paid for
  • This will be a Drive-Thru Return System
  • Drive around back behind the pool.  Please stop near the weight room and stay in your car.
  • We will supply some hand sanitizer so you can wipe down your stuff - if you can bring your own wipes that would be great and make it quicker and easier for you.
  • Pass your stuff out the window to staff who will be checking it off to make sure your list has all been returned.
  • You will exit by driving up Overbeck Lane and out through the middle school - For seniors it's a bit of practice run for the Graduation Parade



Next Week has been designed as a large bl0ck of time for students who need to improve their grades.

Non-Seniors will also have Check-Out Days next week.

Seniors who missed Check-Out today can come to Checkout any day next week.

The following will be available to SLVHS Students next week:


next week

June 1-5

No Formal Classes Held Online this Week

  • Book Return / Calculator Return for non-Senior students
  • Check-Out for Seniors who missed out today
  • Teachers accepting make-up work and missed work to help raise grades
  • Make-up finals can be held
  • Student Conferences online as needed
  • Teacher Office hours online as needed

Contact your teachers and your counselor with questions regarding your grades and what you can do next.





Graduation Plans for the SLVHS Class of 2020

The Live Graduation Car Parade will begin at 10:00 am on Friday, June 5th


Important Facts to Know!

  • Graduate family cars should show up to the SLE Parking lot beginning at 9 am
  • The lot will open at 9:00 am.  Cars that arrive before 9:00 am will not be allowed to line up and wait
  • There is PLENTY of time between 9 am and 10 am to get everyone onto the Tri-Campus before we begin
  • The entrance to SLE will be the ONLY way to enter the campus and participate.  All other entrances will be blocked off
  • Please understand that this year, everyone has the same seat and that being there first doesn't give you an advantage of any kind
  • The more calm, polite, and easygoing we strive to between 9 and 10 am, will set the mood for not just everyone in the car, but everyone who attends
  • Try to remember why we are there, who this is for, and that it is a celebration, not a Black Friday parking lot
  • Please also remember that none of us have ever done this before and it won't be perfect - so let's all do our best to be patient and kind 

Details of the Parade itself: 

  • Seniors and their immediate families will drive onto the SLV Tri-Campus at the SLE entrance, and proceed to the back parking lot by the pool
  • Staff will direct you where to go, please follow the directions to keep things moving smoothly
  • At a point during the route, each car will be stopped so that Mrs. Hackett can put a giant sticky note with your graduate's name on your front windshield
  • This will be the way that Mr. Calden can identify and announce each graduate as they come to the staging area
  • After each graduate is announced, Mrs. Burns will hand each student a swag bag that contains their diploma and cover, their graduation photo taken during filming, and other surprise goodies from the senior class and the Grad Night parents
  • Once you have been announced and receive your bag, your car will continue up Overbeck Way, and exit through the middle school back road 
  • Current staff from Kindergarten to Senior year will be lined up (ten feet apart with masks) to cheer you on your way as you leave school and head out into the real world

Reminders for Everyone: 

  • One car per graduate and no RVs or limos because we are required to fit all cars on the tri-campus and not block up Hwy 9  
  • Nobody may get out of the car during the procession.  If you have someone with a restroom emergency during the parade, wave down a staff member for assistance
  • There will be NO OTHER CARS allowed on campus.  All other entrances will blocked off and CLOSED  
  • Staff members who attend must be wearing masks and using the social distancing marks chalked on the asphalt
  • There are NO OTHER SPECTATORS ALLOWED on campus.  Campus is CLOSED that day.  Nobody may walk onto campus, drive onto campus, or in any way enter campus during the parade
  • The Sheriff's Department and CHP have generously volunteered to be there to help us that day
  • These are required pieces of the plan put in place in order to have this event approved by Public Health and the Sheriff's Department. 


graphic of mortarboard

The SLVHS Graduation Movie is Complete and Ready to Go

Information on how each graduate can access the video will be sent out soon.

Special Thanks to Kylan Thureockes for putting all of this together for us.  



final grade

Information on Final Grades for Semester Two

Grades will be calculated and entered a bit differently than normal this semester for obvious reasons.

Below are the main pieces students and parents need to know:

  • Students currently have two grades in each class: The grade that was frozen when we left live school and an overall grade for the entire semester
  • In the spirit of hold harmless, teachers will take each of these grades and award the student the higher grade of the two
  • For example - if you had a C when you left, and you now have a B, your final grade is a B
  • If you had a B when you left and you now have a C, your final grade is a B
  • Students who end up with final grades of D will instead be given a P for Pass this semester only
  • Students who had an F when we left and still have an F will be given a grade of INC  for incomplete to give those students a chance to improve the grade next week and through summer school
  • Incomplete grades not made up or improved by the start of next year will be changed to NM for No Mark and No Credit earned

If you did have an F on both grades, your teacher will contact you via your school email account with details.
Follow up with that teacher to see how or if that grade could be improved next week. 

Students - check your school email.  Parents - check their school email.  

As a school, we felt that Ds and Fs this semester were not the right thing to do.  Some schools are going complete Pass/Fail.

However, we also wanted to allow students who earned As, Bs, or Cs to keep those grades on their transcript.




Yearbook Distribution

Yearbooks are being delivered to the high school next Thursday or Friday.

While we are disappointed that students will not have their Yearbooks next week, we are glad they got made and are on the way.

Information about pickup will be coming soon.


In the meantime students can access Jostens has just launched a new platform, Yearbook Digital Signing Pages, that gives every student in our school the chance to create virtual signing pages, invite their friends to leave messages, and print out the final pages to keep with the yearbook as a permanent keepsake. This is free for every student whether they purchased a yearbook or not.


Click the link below to get started on your digital signing pages now



Still Need to Buy a Yearbook - Here's your Chance!

Yearbooks are now only $85 instead of $90. 

Act fast, because only there are only 16 yearbooks left for sale!




ap college board advanced placement program

Please Send Your Payments for A.P. Tests to SLVHS - Information Below

Payment is now due to SLV High School   

Students, you should log in to your College Board account, see how many tests you are taking and multiply that by $94. 

If you are part of the free/reduced lunch program, your cost is $53/test. 

Send a check made out to SLVHS, and put your (student's) first and last name in the memo line. 

If your situation has changed and you and your family need financial support at this time, please contact Annina Hausmann at

Please address the envelope to:

San Lorenzo Valley High School

Attn: Annina Hausmann

7105 Highway 9, Felton, CA. 95015



san lorenzo valley unified school district

SLVUSD is Accepting Applications for the Citizens' Oversight Committee for the Measure S Bond

The San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District is now accepting applications for the Citizens' Oversight Committee for the Measure S Bond that was passed in March 2020.  

Please access the following web link for additional information:



the claw

The Claw newspaper is publishing online issues every two weeks. 

Check out the May 29th issue at:



san lorenzo valley high school


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help and support

Here are some Santa Cruz County Social/Emotional Health Resources for those who may be Struggling during this Difficult Time

*Santa Cruz Police Department’s “You Are Not Alone”: Ongoing contact. Register at 831-420-5916 or
* Check-In & Chat volunteer-run conversation line: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily at 888-278-6704. Email to volunteer.
*United Way’s 2-1-1 resource hotline: Call 2-1-1 or 800-273-6222.
*Santa Cruz County Senior Network Services: 831-462-1433.
*Santa Cruz Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Program 24-Hour Hotline: 831-600-2800
*24-hour Suicide Prevention Crisis Line: 877-663-5433.



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