A Message from Principal Calden

Hello everyone,
I know this is a scary, anxious, and difficult time for us all.
You probably already saw the email or heard the phone call from Superintendent Bruton that all SLV Schools will be closed and offline until at least Tuesday, September 8th, the day after Labor Day. 
I will relay any new school-related info as soon as I have it.
Please don’t worry about school right now. Our community, our school staff, and our families are in crisis mode and life is more important than school.  We will get back to school. What that looks like and when that happens is an unknown right now. Those of us who are evacuated are struggling just to find some kind of normal. 
If your family needs support, please let us know, as the district, the high school and the community are all here to try and help as best we can.
Sleep when you can, eat when you can, connect with others, and keep your family close.
Trying to stay strong. SLV Strong.
With love and hope,
Jeff Calden