Update from Principal Calden 8/25/20

As we begin to learn of some of the damage that has been done, and of homes that have been lost, I wanted to check in with everyone and give you some basic information regarding school.
As of now, we are still out of school until Tuesday, September 8.  However, that could be extended to a later date as we move forward.  There have been a few rumors floating around that school is cancelled for the year.  That is NOT true.
We will have school.  What that looks like and when that will happen is not something we can know right now.
I have been asked by families who are currently living somewhere else, and may be living somewhere else for some time, "When we come back to distance learning, can we still go to SLVHS even though we aren't currently living there?"  The answer to that is YES.  Though none of us are living in the Valley right now, all of us, even those who may have lost their homes, still have an SLV address.  You are still part of the community no matter where you are as we wait to come back.
If you checked out textbooks or chromebooks and they were destroyed or left behind in your homes when we evacuated, please don't stress out about that.  We will figure it out.  But we don't need to figure it out today.
When we do come back to online school, if you are in a position where you don't have online access, please contact us at that time. We will do what we can to try and help you get access or attempt to set up another way to get you what you need.
As I stated in my last email, school is important, but life is more important than school.  We will get through this.  The tide may be turning thanks to the heroes fighting these fires in our Valley.  But it will be a long road back and there will be those among us who will need our support the most. 
Here is a link to a page of resources for those affected by the fire and evacuations.
Still trying to stay strong. SLV Strong.
With love and hope,
Jeff Calden