From the Freshman Counselor 1/15/21

Greetings freshmen and parents,

WE are back. Still in distance learning but you have survived your first semester of high school. Congratulations. Take a deep breath and here we go again. I will be reaching out to set up meetings with freshmen students throughout this semester. Here's some things we can talk about:

Report Cards: Sent out this week and should be arriving at your homes starting today and hopefully all delivered by next week. Please check carefully and let me know if there are any errors or issues. Your letter grades are what will go on your transcript. For students who received one or more failing grade, I will also be contacting you and your parents about summer school.

Meetings with the counselor: For students that want to get a jump on their counselor meetings, you can sign up through my online meeting scheduler: It will give you a zoom link for our meeting when you schedule the appointment. I do have a few times available next week and will be adding additional times in the weeks to follow.

2nd Semester Book Pick Ups: Still happening today in the library from 1-3pm for all grade levels. You all need your jump ropes, biology lab materials and English novels. Swing on by if you can.

AND a few important repeats from CougarNews especially for freshmen:


PSAT at SLVHS on January 26th has been CANCELLED

We are sad to announce that the PSAT that was to be administered on the SLVHS campus January 26th has been cancelled due to State and County COVID guidelines.

We hoped to be in a place where a socially-distanced version of the PSAT with fewer students in the gym would be able to take place.  But that is not the case.

There is not a new date in place for a possible PSAT and it may not take place this year.  We hope that a spring date will happen, but that is a decision made by the College Board testing organization.  If we get any news, you will see it here in the Cougar Newsletter.  All checks sent in to pay for the test will be shredded. If you paid with cash, please contact Annina Hausmann at 335-4425 extension 205 or send an email to to set up a way to get your payment returned to you.

Sex Ed will take place in PE Course 1 classes the Week of February 2nd

We are pleased to inform you that students will have the opportunity to participate in the Teen Talk High School course in their Physical Education Course 1 class beginning on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021. Teen Talk High School is a comprehensive sexuality education program developed by trained professionals in the field of sexuality education at Health Connected ( Teen Talk High School is a comprehensive sexuality education course, designed to provide an open forum for teenagers to ask questions and get medically-based, unbiased, and accurate information. Teen Talk High School complies with California Education Codes 51930-51939 (California Healthy Youth Act of 2015) and meets the California Health Education Content Standards under “Growth, Development and Sexual Health.”

 Teen Talk High School covers the following topics: Values Clarification, Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy, Abstinence/Not Having Sex, Healthy Relationships, Birth Control, including a condom demonstration, Pregnancy Options, Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV, Sexual Safety, Consent, and the Law, Sexual Identity & Gender, Sex in the Media, Communication and Decision-Making, and Parent/Guardian Communication.  


A pre/post-assessment will be administered at the beginning and end of the course. The assessment covers sexual health knowledge that will be covered during the course as well as questions about student comfort and confidence in communicating about sexual health topics with peers, partners, and trusted adults. You can examine instructional materials, including assessments, at the school office. If you have questions, please see your child’s teacher or principal. State law allows you to remove your student from any portion of a comprehensive sexual health education course. 

If you do not want your student to participate in this sexual health course, please email your student’s Physical Education teacher or the School Principal before Tuesday, February 2nd. 

The goal of a comprehensive sexual health education program is to help students learn the facts and to make good decisions now, and later in life. 

Excited to get the chance to see you on zoom soon. 

Take care and enjoy the 3 Day weekend.


Leslie Burns

College, Career and Academic Counselor