From The Senior Counselor 4/14/21

Hi Parents & Students- 
I hope you all had a very restful spring break and are ready to jump into the end of the semester! The countdown has begun. 
A Note Regarding College Acceptance Results. For those of you who feel discouraged with any college acceptance results, please know that you are not alone. This year has been one filled with many unprecedented events. This includes colleges coming up with their own new application process, a bit on the fly, and not the status quo we are used to or was expecting. Please know that where you end up, or do not end up, next year does NOT define you or your future. I am incredibly proud of you all regardless where you are going. I found a few interesting articles regarding this year's college acceptance rates that I wanted to share. Click here for an article about "highly rejective colleges" and here for an article about the UC school system. These articles might help you better understand what may have occurred this year and the impact on you, or your student's, results. Please note that if you are still hoping to go to a four year college, I will be sending out a link in May that lists colleges still accepting applications. This is a list that gets published annually so I am waiting for it to be ready. 
Grades Close. April 22nd grades will close for the fourth grading period. Be sure to get any late work turned in to your teachers before this deadline! Do not let senioritis or zoom fatigue get the best of you. 
Upperclassmen Hybrid. Starts Tuesday April 27th. Can't wait to see some of you back on campus!
Jen Kelly
College, Career, and Academic Counselor 
Sophomore & Senior Grade Levels
SLVHS Felton, Ca