From the Freshman Counselor 5/7/21

Greetings Freshmen and Parents,
It is great to see some of you back on campus for the hybrid program. My goal is to get to meet some of you and start putting names and faces together. For those of you who are doing online, I am already looking forward to seeing you in the fall.
Here's what's happening in counseling:
Progress Reports: were mailed home and should have arrived by now. I will be checking these grades and making a few additional summer school referrals for students that may need to make up or raise a grade. 
Summer School Referrals: If your student receives a summer school referral please reserve your student's spot in summer school. It will be on campus and in small group classes and run for approximately 4 weeks. With Covid restrictions spots are limited. This can be a great way to make up credits and reinforce academics for next year. We will also be on campus for part of that time and look forward to working with you and creating a 4 year plan. 
Other Summer School options: You can still sign up for a Cabrillo summer school class and it is free!. I've attached the helpful info sheet below with links to Cabrillo so you can start the process. 
Summer School PE: Also some students have asked about taking a semester or year of PE through the county summer school program. This would be for a student who wants to take additional academics or electives during the regular school year and wants to free up space in their schedule. Another way to do that is participating in sports PE. If you are interested in the summer county program, I need a parent to email me and request a summer school referral and I will follow up.
Enjoy the beautiful weather. Stay safe and finish strong. We are aware that during this transitional time, there may be new challenges for you or just a continuation of the challenges this year has brought us all. We are still here to support. We want to help students figure out what next steps look like and what will work best for each of you. Keep on reaching out and letting us know what you need. 
Take care.
Leslie Burns
College, Career and Academic Counselor