Newsletter 11-13-21

Principal’s Message

from Jeff Calden


It's Time to Talk About a Few Things

It seems that a year-and-a-half away from live school has brought with it a bit of regression not just in math or science, but in remembering some of the basics of school. Such as, there are things you can't bring to school. No, you don't have the right to leave campus because you want to. Yes, you do have to listen to staff when they ask you to do things. And yes, all the rules in place to make schools run smoothly and safely for everyone do actually apply to you. Now - these issues are not rampant across campus. And the vast majority of students are doing just fine. But these things are happening at a rate not normally seen at this school. And we understand why. And we need to address them.  And then we need to work together as parents, students, and staff to get things back to where they need to be.  Thanks in advance for your support.


photo:marijuana  photo: liquorphoto: vape

Please help your student to remember and understand that while marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, and vaping are all legal for adults, none of these things are legal for any person under the age of 21. At school, they come with an automatic suspension from school and the real possibility of arrest if brought, used, or in possession of on campus at any time or any event.  State Education Code, no exceptions. Please don't tell us it's not yours and you are holding it for a friend. While that could be true, it really doesn't matter, as possession is automatic and a real friend wouldn't ask you to hold it.


photo: knife

This also applies to knives.  Students can't have knives.  Knives are a weapon.  Any knife. In your hand, in your pocket, in your backpack, in your car. Possession is a suspension and possible arrest depending on the knife - and if it's open and pointed at someone, it's an automatic move for expulsion. I grew up here too, and I understand being a mountain kid, but times have changed and this is state ed code put in place to keep schools safe.  There is no wiggle room on this.


stick figures fighting

You can't hit people.  You can't punch another person without consequences unless you are in a boxing ring.  Whatever happened - if you hit someone, you're suspended.  You can be arrested.  Any type of physical violence on a school campus is never going to be okay.  Please don't talk about self-defense or they started it.  Self-defense is using force to remove yourself from a dangerous situation.  Everything else is anger and revenge.

photo: cell phone

Students can bring their cellphones to school. They can use them before school, at break, at lunch, between classes, after school, and if a teacher allows it in class for an activity or a break.  Some teachers have the students put their phones in a phone tree (think shoe tree, but for phones). And if that is the policy in that teacher's room, students need to do it.


If a student has it out in class when they shouldn't, the teacher will ask for it.  That teacher has been instructed by me to ask for it.  Don't blame the teacher - you had it out and I told them to take it.  You can get it back at the end of class sometimes. Sometimes at the end of the day.  If you want to have your phone all day, don't take it out when you shouldn't.  


Please don't start with it's my phone and you can't take it.  Actually we can, as long as we don't look in it and we give it back. Too many times taken and you will need to turn it in every morning to the office and get it at the end of the day.  Please don't make us do this. We don't want your phones in the office. Thanks.

no cursing

While there is nothing inherently evil about cursing, it's not appropriate language for the school campus or classroom.

Now, most of us may slip up from time to time, but again, the amount of f-bombs coming out in regular conversation are far greater than normal, as are the reactions of "what's the big deal?" Please watch your language.  Thank you.


cookies logo     henny logo

The SLVHS dress code does not allow students to wear "clothing, jewelry, or have personal belongings (backpacks, stickers on vehicles, water bottles) which have drug, alcohol or tobacco company advertising, promotions and likenesses."  


As the "Cookies" brand represents and sells marijuana and the "Henny" brand represents Hennessy cognac, neither are allowed on campus. It's the same as wearing a pot leaf t-shirt or a Jack Daniels hat.  I am guessing many parents don't know that. We have been giving warnings on this, but you get so many warnings, before we are forced to discipline on dress code.  If we do have to remind you that there are things you can't wear to school, please don't start an existential argument about it during brunch.


Okay - I think that's more than enough for one day.  I would like to restate that the school is not rampant with drugs, alcohol, or cell-phone addicted vaping miscreants beating each other up while swearing at each other. That's in the movies.  But this school has always been a safe place and we need to keep it that way. Our current incidents are still lower than most, but too many for us. We need to talk about it, work on understanding the expectations, be firm and consistent, create teachable moments, wipe the slate clean, and together move toward a better place for everyone to be.


photo: rob lahey

Memorial Services for Rob Lahey

The Lahey family would like to inform the SLV community of two memorial services this weekend for Rob Lahey, SLVHS Math teacher, who passed away earlier this year after a courageous fight with cancer. 


Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 1:00 pm
Resurrection Church, 7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos
Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 1:00 pm
SLV High School Football Field, 7105 Highway 9, Felton



Winter Sports are Starting - Have you done the Paperwork you MUST do to play?

All Information Below:

Welcome to another exciting Winter season! In order to successfully participate, please get your athletic registration paperwork done ASAP. You cannot compete in a game or scrimmage unless all your paperwork is complete. Please log in to DragonFly Max and get all 12 forms completed. Directions are attached if you are not familiar with the DragonFlyMax system. I understand that on some mobile devices the bottom forms can be difficult to click on. They will work if you keep messing with them and they are easy to do on a computer. 


The PPE physical is good for 12 calendar months and some of the other forms are as well so if you played a sport at SLVHS last school year you have very little to do. Don't worry about trying to move your PPE physical from last year to this year. I will handle it if I haven't already done so.


If you played a sport in the Fall you are all set as the athletic registration paperwork is good for the entire school year.


If you did not play another sport for SLVHS last year or in the Fall you need to get a physical. You can get PPE Physicals done for $40.00 at Doctors on Duty on Ocean St. in Santa Cruz on a walk-in basis or go see your doctor. A generic form you can take with you is attached. Once completed you can just take a clear picture of both pages with your phone and email them to me and I will take care of the rest if you need me to or you can upload the picture to the PPE Physical Form on DragonFlyMax.


All 12 DragonFlyMax forms must be completed before you can compete against another school. All forms can be found under the 2021-2022 requirements on a mobile device or on your computer.  Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Forms are attached to this email


roaring camp logo

Roaring Camp Railroads is looking for volunteers for our Holiday Lights Train Ride

Below is a brief description of tasks and dates:

  • Hours may vary but most likely 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm (some nights may end earlier)
  • Dates: November 26, 27 and December 4-5, 11-12, 17-23
  • Location: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Roaring Camp HLT Train
  • Tasks: Dress up as Santa's Elves and assist with boarding and deboarding trains, hand out candy canes/stickers, possibly hand out cookies and cider, help Santa with photo ops, answer questions and make sure people are behaving



weekly schedule

Schedule for the Week of: November 15th - 19th

ERA / O / E / O / E


November 15

ERA Day Early Release Day - Dismissal at 2:01
Eligibility Declared


November 16

O Day

Odd Classes 1 / 3/ 5



November 17

E Day

Even Classes 2 /4 /6 WASC Meeting - 3:00 pm - MPR


November 18

O Day

Odd Classes 1 / 3/ 5


November 19

E Day

Even Classes 2 /4 /6

   After-School Teacher Support Sessions

 weekly support schedule: call 831-335-4425 x200 for details



Support Grad Night for the Class of 2022

photo: sees candy

Treat yourself to the yummiest candy on earth, AND support our SLVHS/Coast Redwood Grad Night 2022 fundraising at the same time! 

Our Winter Sweet Shop will be open through 12/03/21, orders will be directly shipped to your home or to the address you specify. Talk about a sweet gift to give. Candy will ususally arrive within a week of purchase. Please share this email with friends and family, a significant portion of each sale goes toward putting on the BEST GRAD NIGHT EVER.

Here's to achieving sweet success!  Click below to Order!

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cougar club fundraiser

Ways you can donate:


  1. Venmo @SLVHSCougarClub


  1. Paypal @San Lorenzo High School Cougar Club


  1. Check payable to SLVHS Cougar Club sent to 7105 Hwy 9, Felton CA 95018 


  1. Choose “San Lorenzo Valley High School Cougar Club” as the charity on your Amazon Smile account

cougar club wild roots day November 16th




health office

SLVHS Health Office

If you have questions about Testing, Quarantine, Exposures, Attendance, or anything else to do with COVID and SLVHS, there is a new school email address to get your questions directly to those who can best answer them.  The new email address is [email protected]



Seniors: It's Time for You to Fill Out the FASFA - Federal Student Aid Application

The 22-23 Federal Student Aid Application or FAFSA  is now open! Below is information  on the FAFSA. We highly encourage you to get this application early so you get priority aid consideration for college.  All Seniors that complete their FAFSA application before January 7th will be receiving a surprise in the Spring.

FAFSA lets you know where you stand and what you can get as far as aid for college.  


Charlotte Achen sent all Seniors an email with a ton of information on FASFA.  

Things such as What is FASFA? Why is it important I apply? What do I need to do? What are the deadlines? Where can I find the application? 

Check your school email to answer all FAFSA questions you may have.

It is also available on the SLVHS website on the College and Career page.

The information you need is at your fingertips.






summer trip

Trip Abroad to Dominican Republic

Chelsie Osenga, Spanish teacher, is organizing a trip to the Dominican Republic summer of 2022 because of increased interest from families and students at SLVHS for a travel abroad experience. After very successful trips past summers to Costa Rica, Perú, Spain and Panamá, we are traveling to the Dominican Republic in 2022! 

The Dominican Republic offers a seamless blend of tropical terrain, rich history, and heritage as well as having an opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish language and converse with native speakers. From evergreen rainforests, to idyllic oceanside villages, and bustling city squares, you’ll explore colorful island life from a local perspective, gaining a sense of community as you visit an environmental school and art nonprofit.


Ms. Osenga will be hosting a mandatory virtual parent informational meeting on October 21st at 6:00 pm for all those who are interested!


Please join our meeting to hear all the details including the itinerary, dates, and cost of this trip. The meeting will also mark the official opening of enrollment!

Please click here to reserve your spot at the meeting:

You must reserve your spot to attend. We will meet on zoom at 6pm on Thursday, October 21, 2021. A link will be sent to you after I get your RSVP.

I hope you will consider this great opportunity. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, and consider signing up early as space is limited


*Important Information*

*This is a non-school-affiliated opportunity*

*I partner with a company, Education First (EF), that specializes in educational travel opportunities for students around the world.*



student handbook

SLVHS Student Handbook

The SLVHS Student Handbook is attached to this email and available at this link: SLVHS Student Handbook

Parents and Students should review the handbook in order to be aware of the rules, policies, and important information to know about SLVHS.

Thank you in advance for knowing and understanding the information in the handbook.



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