SLVHS Graduation 2022 Information



Wednesday June 8 - SLVHS Football Field - 10:00 am to 11:30 am




Agenda for Graduation Day, June 8, 2022

8:15 am                              Disabled Parking entry begins

8:30 am                              Family access to seating areas begins. This includes the field, bleachers, and seating for the disabled on the track.

9:00 am                              Arrival of Graduates at Rooms E4 and E5

9:15 am                              Graduates begin to Line Up for Processional

9:50 am                              Processional begins- students walk up to the field

10:00 am                            Graduation Ceremony Begins


SLVHS is planning for a full graduation with no limits on guests.  We hope as much as you do that this does not change.

We will allow families to sit on the field in designated areas either on blankets on the turf or with sled-chairs only. No Chair Legs or canopies on the Field.

People may also use the bleachers and put up pop-ups on either side of the bleachers in designated areas.  

We are hoping for an old-fashioned graduation at SLVHS.


WHAT TO WEAR FOR GRADUATION.  Graduates MUST wear a red cap and gown or a black cap and gown. You may decorate your cap but not your gown.  During the ceremony, only school-awarded medals, cords, and pins may be worn.  A single floral lei is also permitted.  Inappropriate items (or YOU) may be removed from the ceremony.  Gowns must be zipped up from the time we start walking to the field until the graduation ceremony is over.  

Wedge shoes are OK, but NO HEELS due to field conditions. 

Email questions about attire in advance to Mrs. Hackett: [email protected]


what is allowed on the track


REMEMBER -- ALL SCHOOL RULES ARE IN EFFECT!  Please do not attempt to take anything with you under your gown.  

What might seem like fun at the time could prove to be very embarrassing if we have to pull you out of the procession at the last minute.  

You are representing your very proud families today!



Air Horns and Silly String: 

Air Horns can hurt the ears of others and Silly String can cause damage to the turf field and is a giant mess that someone else has to clean up.

Shoes with heels: Graduates - heels can damage the track and the turf field.  Please wear flats or wedge heels.  No exceptions. 


GRADUATION PHOTOGRAPHS:  Van Zantes Photography will photograph each student receiving their diploma. 

Information about ordering photos will be included in the graduation program and the diploma envelope.


Please contact Claire Hackett ([email protected]) with any questions.