Newsletter 10-8-21

Principal’s Message

from Jeff Calden

homecoming paw

Homecoming Football Games and Homecoming Dance on Saturday

SLV Helmet
SLV Homecoming Football Games
SLV Cougars vs. Rancho San Juan High
Saturday, October 9th
Junior Varsity game: 11:00 am
Varsity game: 2:00 pm
photo: tyler gilbert
SLV Alum Tyler Gilbert's Number will be Retired at 1:00 pm between the two Football Games
SLVHS Alum and current Arizona Diamondback pitcher Tyler Gilbert will have his number retired in a ceremony on the football field this Saturday at 1:00 pm.  Tyler is the first major league baseball player in the history of our high school and pitched a no-hitter earlier this season in his first major league start, something that has only been done three times in the history of major league baseball.
homecoming dance
Homecoming Dance

The 2021 SLVHS Homecoming Dance will be on Saturday, October 9 at the SLVHS football field from 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm.  

Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase.  


School Site Council Election Results
Congratulations to our two new School Site Council members: Nicole Berridge and Maria O'Connor.
Thank you to everybody who stepped up to run and were willing to give some of their valuable time to this team.


senior portraits

Senior Portraits Information

The LAST chances for senior portraits are October 11th from 2 pm - 4 pm and October15th from 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Look for the Van Zantes van by the science (B) building.  
Please note that only Van Zantes photos will be included in the yearbook. 
To make an appointment: 
  1. Go to

  2. Click on “directory”, 

  3. Click on “calendar”, and 

  4. Click your school logo. 

  5. Then follow the prompts.  

The website lets you make one appointment. To reschedule you will need to call or email for us to delete the already scheduled appointment. Call 831.761.8800 or email [email protected]


On the day of your session:
  • Come early and be ready for photos. 
  • Allow 15-20 minutes of your time. 



  • This free session is taken outside in what you are wearing. This is a Head and Shoulders session. From six images you will choose your yearbook photo. 
  • The yearbook image is selected immediately after the session, and the images are NOT put online to view. 

  • This session is designed for people who do not want the option of ordering photographs. 



  • This $30 session will be taken outdoors. 

  • We will provide at least 18 images from which to choose. 

  • This session is Head and Shoulders up to Hip Length in one outfit the student comes dressed in. 

  • We take many photos which we edit in order to provide you with quality images. 

  • You will view online and choose the one for your Yearbook. 

  • Prints can be ordered from any of the photos. 

  • This session has a $30 discount when students/parents order and pay for photographs within a stated deadline for a timely order, usually 2 weeks. Therefore the session costs $0 if orders are paid for within the required time limit. 

To view your upgraded senior session photos: Within a week the upgraded senior session images will be put online for a two-week period for viewing, selecting yearbook choice, and ordering prints. An account is required to view images on our website. When you create an account you will select your personal password. But all image galleries are password protected for privacy with an additional password given to the student at the session. (Usually the student ID#.)  Expired galleries can be put back online. Just call us. (We can't leave everything online forever...)

$300 ON LOCATION SESSION (From Santa Cruz to Watsonville --extra travel fees for other locations):

  • Call to find a time and location that is convenient to you; the session needs to be taken before October. 

  • We take 50-100 photos. This session can include a change of clothes, for two total outfits. 

  • This session includes a finished print package from 2 images: Super Special Package= 2-8x10, 4-5x7, and 44 wallets (Sales tax included...Fee paid before session) 

  • CALL:  831-761-8800 TO BOOK THIS OPTION

Cougar Club
Dear Friends of SLVHS
We are writing to encourage you to make a donation to the Cougar Club, the EDUCATIONAL BOOSTER CLUB of San Lorenzo Valley High School. We sponsor many important programs for our students, including college preparation and career readiness programs; enrichment film and speaker programs on topics such as financial responsibility, mental health awareness, and healthy relationships; community building activities; and student service awards. We also fund equipment and classroom supplies for our teachers. 
Last year all our fundraising efforts went to the victims of the devastating CZU fire. We raised close to $13,000 that was distributed to all high school families who lost their homes. Thank you for your incredible generosity! 
This year, being back to sort-of-normal, we are again asking for your support for our regular programming. Please consider donating $20, $100, or more - donations of any amount are appreciated and all donations are tax deductible. Our goal is to raise $7500 so don’t forget corporate matching - make sure your employer matches your donation! 
Ways you can donate:
1. Venmo @SLVHSCougarClub  
2. Paypal @San Lorenzo High School Cougar Club  
3. Check payable to SLVHS Cougar Club sent to 7105 Hwy 9, Felton CA 95018 
4. Choose “San Lorenzo Valley High School Cougar Club” as the charity on your 
Amazon Smile account



Join the Cougar Club! SLVHS’s Educational Booster Club.

Our next meeting is Thursday October 14th at 6:00 pm on Zoom. 

The link is also on our Facebook page 

For more information contact us at [email protected] 



SLV Theatre

The End of the World (With Prom to Follow) By Sean Abley

October 15-24 Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:00 p.m. Sundays @ 2:00 p.m.

Thursday, October 21 @ 7:00 p.m. (Community Night)

Tickets: $12 General $10 Student/Senior/SLV Staff $10 Community Night - all tickets

Get your tickets for The End of the World (With Prom to Follow), written by Sean Abley, a contemporary play co-directed by SLVHS seniors Jacqueline Lopez and Shimona Miller. The play is set in Great Falls, Montana. The students of Charles M. Russell High School awake to find no parents, no siblings, no teachers. Everyone but the student body has vanished. It might sound like a dream to some high schoolers, but for these teenagers it is the stuff of reality. There is a Wall of Light encircling their town that is progressively moving inward and their town is steadily disappearing. In the face of this mystery, the students band together...and splinter apart. What can they do to stop it? What's on the other side? Will there still be time for one last dance? An exciting drama/comedy, this play explores mortality, friendship, and the survival of ethics when survival itself is at stake. Performances are at the SLV Performing Arts Center (PAC).

More information and tickets available at SLV Theatre Boosters:


Weekly Schedule

Schedule for the Week of: October 11th - 15th



October 11

ERA Day All Classes: 2:01 pm Dismissal


October 12

O Day

Odd Classes 1 / 3/ 5



October 13

E Day

Even Classes 2 /4 /6


October 14

O Day

Odd Classes 1 / 3/ 5 
Cougar Club Mtg 6:00 pm on Zoom


October 15

E Day

Even Classes 2 /4 /6


   After-School Teacher Support Sessions
After-School Teacher Support 2020-21
Seniors: It's Time for You to Fill Out the FASFA - Federal Student Aid Application
The 22-23 Federal Student Aid Application or FAFSA  is now open! Below is information  on the FAFSA. We highly encourage you to get this application early so you get priority aid consideration for college.  All Seniors that complete their FAFSA application before January 7th will be receiving a surprise in the Spring.
FAFSA lets you know where you stand and what you can get as far as aid for college.  
Charlotte Achen sent all Seniors an email with a ton of information on FASFA.  
Things such as What is FASFA? Why is it important I apply? What do I need to do? What are the deadlines? Where can I find the application? 
Check your school email to answer all FAFSA questions you may have.
It is also available on the SLVHS website on the College and Career page. 
The information you need is at your fingertips.
grad night
Grad Night Meeting
Our next Grad Night meeting will be Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 6:30 at the high school MPR and on zoom.
Please mark your calendars.  Hope to see you at the meeting.

parenting workshop; call 831-466-5700 for details  
Queer Youth Task Force Virtual Summit - Saturday, October 9th
The Queer Youth Task Force of Santa Cruz County, the Safe Schools Project, & the LGBT Collaborative of Monterey County are proud to present a supportive space for LGBTQIA+ and allied youth in Monterey, San Benito, & Santa Cruz Counties -- thank you for sharing with colleagues, friends, and family!
We are all currently experiencing the sad fact that COVID is alive and well.
As you know, SLVHS and all schools in our district and county, are following the guidelines of our County Department of Public Health.
To this point, we have had very few cases on campus. While even one case is too many, what this shows is that wearing masks in the classroom setting is working. And we need to be even more vigilant in our indoor settings.  And while it is not required, we do encourage you to wear your mask outside when you are around others.
Please make sure you are doing the following:
  • Wearing your mask at all times inside when there is another person present in the room 
  • Wearing your mask properly, over your nose and mouth, whenever you are inside and there is another person present in the room
  • Not slipping it down off of your nose in class
  • Not pulling it down or taking it off in order to be better heard when speaking in class
  • No eating or drinking in class - outside breaks during class or stepping outside to take a drink are options
  • Remember that in the G and H buildings, the hallways, stairways, and landings are INSIDE.  Masks must be on and no eating or drinking allowed
  • If you don't have a mask, ask your teacher or come to the office and get one.  We have LOTS!
Our continued ability to do live school is dependent on everyone following the mask policy.
More importantly, this is about the safety of everyone here. 
Thank you


SLVUSD logo.png
SLV Unified School District has Job Openings
Are you looking for part-time or full-time work? 
Interested in joining the SLVUSD Team? We have several job opportunities. 
You can review SLVUSD job opportunities at


SLV Athletic Boosters Need Your Support!
San Lorenzo Valley Athletic Boosters are a group of dedicated enthusiasts of SLV High School sports who donate their time and resources to guide the financial subsidizing of sports programs at SLVHS, keeping the sports program at SLVHS low cost to players.
BINGO is Back!
Bingo is Booster's ongoing fundraiser, and generates over $90,000 per year to our athletic programs and  facilities, and is the main source of revenue for Boosters.
At the heart of this important fundraiser is the solid group of “core” volunteers, many of  whom are parents of former SLV students who have stayed on out of love and loyalty to  our sports programs. Also vital to the operation are the four volunteers from the various  sports who show up every Monday night to do their part to support their athletes. Based  on research, without bingo, families would spend $250.00 - $1500.00 per child, per sport.  SLVHS is the ONLY school in Santa Cruz County and beyond not using a ‘pay to play’ system to fund sports, primarily because of the efforts of the Bingo Volunteers.  
Beyond supporting individual teams at SLVHS, Boosters has also awarded over $40,000 in awards to graduating senior athletes.  The commitment to support our athletes through all four years of high school,  with a “boost” into college is an important goal of the groups’ focus.
HOW CAN YOU HELP? If your child is on a team at SLV, please sign up to volunteer to work Bingo on the dates your child's team is slated to host volunteers. Additionally, you can bring in even more money for your child's team by being a "Core" member, where you work once a month at the weekly Bingo game (located at Portuguese Hall in Santa Cruz). The more "Core" members a team has, the more money each team receives. If you are interested in being a core parent, please contact Athletic Director Chris Coulson at [email protected]
sccoe banner

We are pleased to announce that the Santa Cruz County Office of Education Student Leadership and Engagement Programs will be starting up again in September!

There are 5 different groups students may choose to participate in. The only requirement is to be a Santa Cruz County High School student:

Community of Practice: Racial Justice & Equity - select Fridays 

In this eight session, small group, active-learning program for students and educators, you'll have an opportunity to: (1) explore your social identities and the various ways they influence the TK-12 educational experience; (2) examine the social construction of whiteness and its perpetuation in the TK-12 system; and (3) acquire the practical tools to take meaningful action around racism in your domain of influence.

Countywide Black Student Union - meets virtually Tuesdays 

This is a safe space for, but not limited to, students who identify as Black/African/African American/Biracial & so on. We foster a healthy environment where students connect, reflect, inform, and heal. Although there are facilitated topics/themes/conversations, our student members typically begin to feel comfortable bringing up what they feel is necessary. From conversations about hair products to generational PTSD, we address whatever y’all wanna talk about. We offer a middle school group, a highschool group, and for adults/educators we recommend reviewing the “community of practice: Racial Justice & Equity” group as a more structured/educational approach to B.S.U .

Queer and Trans Youth Council - meets virtually TBD

The Queer and Trans Youth Council endeavors to heighten a sense of community and solidarity among the LGBTQIA+ youth of Santa Cruz County. The Council strives to bridge the larger community as a whole with LGBTQIA+ folks, provide allies for youth, and tackle hardships that LGBTQIA+ youth face. The Council is also an advisory chamber to the Queer Youth Task Force of Santa Cruz County and works to create projects and events to support the LGBQTQIA+ community. 

Youth Artists Taking Action - meets virtually on Wednesdays at 4

This is a group of students who want to explore the arts with other students in our community. They want to create, design, and develop artistic projects; become involved in social action involving the arts; participate in student performances; lead community arts team-building;, manage social media/communications for the arts; give presentations about the arts, produce videos, and conduct research about the arts. If you imagine it, we can do it.  

Youth for Environmental Action - meets virtually on Thursdays at 4 

The purpose of Youth for Environmental Action is to connect students who care about the environment and take action together for the future. YEA students work on projects that increase school sustainability, advocate with school leaders for change,  and plan and lead Santa Cruz County’s annual Environmental Action Summit bringing together community leaders, educators and students to find solutions.

All students who are a part of any of the groups mentioned above will also be a part of the Youth Led Leadership Alliance which meets once a month on Saturdays from 10am-2pm.  

student handbook

SLVHS Student Handbook

The SLVHS Student Handbook is attached to this email and available at this link: SLVHS Student Handbook

Parents and Students should review the handbook in order to be aware of the rules, policies, and important information to know about SLVHS.

Thank you in advance for knowing and understanding the information in the handbook.




Below are some helpful links and contact information for SLV High School students and parents



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Phone: (831) 335-4425

Fax: (831) 335-1531

Attendance Line: (831) 335-3646

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